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World One Middle School!De Bruyne scored in 4 consecutive games and passed the ball to send a good opportunity – yqqlm

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World One Middle School!De Bruyne scored in 4 consecutive games and passed the ball to send a good opportunity – yqqlm

Original title: World One Middle School!De Bruyne scored many goals in 4 consecutive games and passed the ball to send a good opportunity

In the battle with Liverpool’s Tianwangshan, for Manchester City, the player they rely on most must be De Bruyne. Before the game, even when Henderson, the captain of the Red Army, talked about the best five-man team in his heart, Tintin was also listed, along with Messi and Van Dijk. In the last 10 Premier League games against Liverpool, De Bruyne’s performance was also world-class. The Belgian was directly involved in 7 goals (2 goals and 5 assists), and 4 goals in the last 4 games. , including the equalizing goal in the final stages of the first leg of the season.

And just 5 minutes into the battle of Tianwangshan, De Bruyne once again amazed the Etihad Stadium. At that time, Manchester City was taking a quick free kick. After Ding Ding got the ball, he did not score the ball. Instead, he took two steps and adjusted his left foot to shoot. The ball hit Matip and refracted and hit the far post and bounced into the net. A minute into the game, the game was almost full of climax, and Matip was once again the background king, as in the first leg.

This goal is De Bruyne’s ninth goal in a Premier League home game this season, ranking second in the Premier League after Son Heung-min, who scored 11 goals. So far, Tintin has contributed 9 goals and 2 assists to the team in all competitions this season. In addition, this is also the first time that De Bruyne has scored goals in his last 4 appearances on behalf of Manchester City, which is the first time in his personal Blue Moon career. After the goal, Tintin still performed vigorously. Although the Red Army launched a fierce counterattack, as long as De Bruyne has the ball, he can basically form an offensive threat. In the second half, De Bruyne’s through ball and Sterling scored a low shot in the face of the attacking Alisson, but after a VAR ruling, Sterling was considered to be slightly offside and the advanced goal was invalid.

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Such an excellent Tintin has also become the focus of Liverpool’s full-court defense, and they even hesitated to use fouls to stop De Bruyne and Manchester City’s offense. For example, Robertson’s yellow card, such as Van Dijk’s tactical foul at the end of the second half, both received yellow cards, while Thiago’s foul on Tintin escaped the referee’s second yellow card. A free-kick, fouled by Van Dijk, allowed Mahrez’s direct shot to hit the post. In the countdown stage of the whole game, De Bruyne sent a scalpel-like accurate through ball from the midfield, but unfortunately Mahrez faced Van Dijk and Alisson’s shot high and missed the lore.

Judging from the above performance, De Bruyne in this game has the charm of the world‘s No. 1 midfielder, and he has also become the best player in the game. Although Manchester City ended up with a slightly unfortunate draw, they still topped the Premier League table with a one-point advantage over the Reds. In fact, after being injured in the European Cup last year, Tintin’s physical and competitive state was relatively sluggish at the beginning of this season, and then he was infected with the new crown in winter. However, after a gradual rest and adjustment recently, we have seen a vigorous De Bruyne, who ranks third in the Blue Moon team with 13 goals and second in assists. At the critical stage of Manchester City’s third-line battle, such De Bruyne is too important to them. We expect the Blue Moon to stand on top of the championship again this season under the leadership of Tintin.

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