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World Table Tennis Championships Comprehensive: Lin Gaoyuan/Lin Shidong won all the national table tennis players advanced-Sports-中工网

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World Table Tennis Championships Comprehensive: Lin Gaoyuan/Lin Shidong win all national table tennis players advance

Xinhua News Agency, Durban, South Africa, May 21 (Reporters Su Bin, Xie Jiang) The first round of the World Table Tennis Championships in Durban continued on the 21st. All national table tennis players advanced to the second round. In a focus battle, they defeated the Japanese combination Tomokazu Zhangmoto/Maharu Yoshimura 3:0.

Lin Gaoyuan/Lin Shidong paired up to play in the World Table Tennis Championships for the first time. The two won the championship at the Bangkok Station of the World Table Tennis Professional League (WTT) Star Challenge held last month. Against Zhang Benzhihe/Yoshimura Maharu, Lin Gaoyuan/Lin Shidong took the initiative most of the time, only encountered certain challenges in the second game, and finally won 11:6, 11:9, 11:3.

“I made a lot of difficult preparations before the game, especially in the first game (the opponent) was so strong. We mobilized very actively on the court. Once the game came up, we did a good job in terms of mentality and decisive handling of the ball.” Lin Gaoyuan said after the game. Lin Shidong believes that winning against such a strong opponent in the first game will strengthen the confidence and tacit understanding between the two.

Zhang Benzhihe said that Lin Gaoyuan/Lin Shidong made no unnecessary mistakes in the in-table ball and stalemate ball, and the quality was very high.

Men’s singles second seed Wang Chuqin’s first-round opponent is French Polynesian player Bell Rose. Wang Chuqin won the first two games easily with 11:2 and 11:4. Bell Ross, ranked 181 in the world, has since strengthened his serving quality. Bureau. In the fifth game, Wang Chuqin didn’t give his opponent another chance and won 11:3.

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Wang Chuqin believes that the opponent’s serve has changed to some extent in the fourth game, and he is not used to it, making some unnecessary mistakes, and the opponent also has a few shots beyond his imagination.

Facing Polish player Dias, Lin Gaoyuan won relatively smoothly. He advanced to the men’s singles round of 64 in straight sets. Lin Gaoyuan said that the first two rounds of the World Series were relatively difficult. This opponent was very strong. The last time they played against each other was also relatively difficult. He made a lot of difficult preparations before the game and actively mobilized himself as soon as he came up.

Women’s singles fourth seed Wang Yidi took 15 minutes to beat Croatia’s Yege 4-0, allowing his opponent to score only 12 points in four rounds. Wang Yidi said that because he had never played against an opponent before, he was relatively more prepared before the game. After the start of the game, the main goal was to reduce unnecessary mistakes and score points one by one.

Some national table tennis players or combinations have byes in the first round, including men’s singles top seed Fan Zhendong, women’s singles top two seeds Sun Yingsha and Wang Manyu, men’s doubles Fan Zhendong/Wang Chuqin, women’s doubles Sun Yingsha/Wang Manyu and Chen Meng/Wang Yidi , Mixed doubles Wang Chuqin/Sun Yingsha.

There was a big upset in the men’s singles field that day. Puerto Rican player Afanador, ranked 74th in the world, defeated Brazilian star Calderano 4:2, and the sixth seed of the tournament stopped in the first round.

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In the first round of women’s singles, Japanese players Mima Ito, Hina Hayata, Miu Hirano and Miyu Nagasaki all won 4:0, and German chipper Han Ying also advanced in straight sets.

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