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World Table Tennis Championships Overview-Lin Gaoyuan’s hard work in seven rounds cleared China’s women’s singles, five wins and five wins_players

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Original Title: Overview of the World Table Tennis Championships-Lin Gaoyuan fought hard in seven rounds to clear China’s women’s singles with five wins and five wins

On November 25th, Beijing time, the second match of the 2021 Houston World Table Tennis Championships came to an end. All 10 Chinese men and women’s singles players made their appearances. Except for Zhou Qihao’s loss to German veteran Boll, the remaining nine all entered the top 32. In the women’s doubles, Chen Meng and Qian Tianyi also easily got off to a good start.

In the second round of men’s singles, Chinese player Wang Chuqin easily defeated Hungarian player Szudi 4-0. His next round opponent will be Japanese player Hayao Togami. In the lower half of China’s men’s singles, Zhou Qihao lost 1-4 to German veteran Boll. Lin Gaoyuan fought hard in seven games and beat Sweden’s Karl Berg 4-3. His next round opponent will be Croatian Pukar. Fan Zhendong easily defeated Iranian Hodayi 4-0, and he will face France’s Lebesson in the next round. Liang Jingkun narrowly beat German Qiu Dang 4-3, and will fight German Duda in the next round.

The overall performance of the Japanese men’s team was poor. Niwa Takaki lost to Austrian veteran Habesson 2-4, Mori Soon lost 1-4 to Hong Kong’s Huang Jin-ting, and Zhang Bentokazu, who had high hopes, experienced seven rounds of fierce battle, 3 -4 Lost to Polish player Dias. In this way, Hayabusa Togami became the only seed in Japan’s men’s singles. He defeated Austrian veteran Gardos 4-1 to advance to the third round.

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The South Korean men’s team also performed poorly. After Jang Woo Jin, Ahn Jae Hyun, and Hwang Min Ha were eliminated in the first round yesterday, Lee Sang-soo lost to Belgium’s Olegro 0-4, and Lin Joong-hoon, who defeated German Oort 4-1, became The only seedling of Korean men’s singles.

In other focus competitions, Wang Manyu’s mixed doubles partner American player Carnac, Brazilian star Hugo Calderano, Indian player Ghanana Sekarran, German player Francesca, and French star Simon Gautz all successfully passed. Chinese Taipei veteran Zhuang Zhiyuan lost 3-4 to the Swedish teenager Moregarde.

In the second round of women’s singles, Chinese player Chen Xingtong gave his opponent an 11-0 in the first game against Zhu Chengzhu of Hong Kong, China, and swept the opponent with a total score of 4-0. She will face German player Shan Xiaona in the next round. Sun Yingsha easily defeated Wu Yinglan of Hong Kong, China 4-0. The opponent in the next round is German veteran Han Ying. Chen Meng defeated Singapore’s Lin Ye 4-0 and will face Luxembourg’s Denut in the next round. Wang Yidi swept South Korea’s Li Zien 4-0, and her opponent in the next round will be Luxembourg veteran Ni Xialian. Wang Manyu defeated South Korea’s Choi Hyo Joo 4-0 and will face Sweden’s Bogstrom in the next round.

In other focus matches, Japanese star Misaki Ito defeated Kazakhstan’s Akasheva 4-0, Chinese Taipei star Zheng Yijing defeated British player Huo Tingting 4-0, and Japanese star Hayada Hina swept India’s Mukherji 4-0. South Korean star Tian Zhixi defeated Wu Yue 4-0, German star Solga lost to Romania’s Dragoman 3-4, Japan’s Kasumi Ishikawa swept Italy’s Picrien 4-0, and China’s Hong Kong’s Du Kai Yan defeated Germany’s Winter 4-1, and South Korean teenager Shin Yubin lost 3-4 with Luxembourg’s Denut.

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In the first round of the men’s doubles, the German combination Boll/Francisco, the Hong Kong combination Huang Zhenting/He Junjie, and the Swedish combination K-Carlsson/Falke also defeated their opponents to advance to the next round.

In the women’s doubles, Chen Meng/Qian Tianyi did not encounter much resistance and swept the Slovak combination Kukulkova/Griglova 3-0. The Japanese combination Hina Hayata/Misari Ito, and the Korean combination Choi Hyo-joo/Li Zien also successfully passed the first round. (Jeremyliu)Return to Sohu to see more


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