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Worry-free future?GPHL has made sufficient preparations to take over the Guangzhou team with a high probability_Work_Football News_Recruitment

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Original title: worry-free future?Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group has a high probability of taking over the Guangzhou team and has made adequate preparations

Beijing time on January 18th, according to the Football News, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group intends to take over the team is the Guangzhou team, and has made adequate preparations.

In recent days, GPHL has posted information on recruiting football management talents to the world on a recruitment website, with an annual salary of 500,000-600,000 yuan. The main responsibilities are: carry out business development work, including football cooperation projects, publicity and marketing projects; formulate and implement football cooperation project plans; be responsible for club access, player registration and transfer; responsible for the team’s foreign personnel to China Visa-related business processing and service management after entry; responsible for communication with Chinese Football Association, FIFA and other industry organizations; responsible for coordinating team and stadium security and public safety management; other duties that should be performed.

According to the Football News, the announcement of the recruitment once again deepened the public’s speculation that the Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Association will once again be associated with Guangzhou football. This further expresses GPHL’s sincerity in supporting Guangzhou football and is ready to reserve a strong backup force for the development of Guangzhou football. But so far, it is not clear which Guangzhou team GPHL has taken over, whether it is Guangzhou team or Guangzhou City?

Yesterday, according to “Securities Daily”, the reporter learned exclusively from people familiar with GPHL that GPHL is likely to take over the Guangzhou team. At present, GPHL is discussing with GAC Group whether to take over the Guangzhou football team together. Team, the plan may be that GPHL and GAC each hold 50% of the shares, but this plan is still under discussion.

The Football News also revealed today that from what the reporter learned from all parties, the high probability that GPHL intends to take over is the Guangzhou team. If the current development steps are followed, the Guangzhou team will have a “worry-free future.”

To sum up, if GPHL takes over the Guangzhou team, then the Guangzhou team next season is still worth looking forward to. However, the problem also followed. The contracts of many international players of the Guangzhou team have expired, and the team has a huge amount of debt. These have to be solved by new shareholders, and may have to be negotiated by multiple parties before the final result can be reached.

Guangzhou Pharmaceuticals and Guangzhou football have a long history. In 1984, the Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Factory under GPHL once sponsored 200,000 yuan per year to co-organize the Guangzhou football team, and the team was renamed the “Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Factory Sports Association Football Team”. In 2006, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group subscribed for 90% of the shares of the Guangzhou team, and the Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Football Club was established. Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group invited Qi Wusheng, Shen Xiangfu and other famous coaches for the Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Team, and introduced some powerful players. In 2007, the Guangzhou Pharmaceuticals Team Chongchao three rounds ahead of the success. In early 2010, GPHL withdrew from Guangzhou Football and was taken over by other groups in March of that year. (DD)Return to Sohu, see more


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