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WTT Championship Wang Manyu zero seal Ito Mima Chen Meng frankly “live one more day” very happy – yqqlm

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WTT Championship Wang Manyu zero seal Ito Mima Chen Meng frankly “live one more day” very happy – yqqlm

Original title: WTT Championship Wang Manyu zero seal Ito Mima Chen Meng frankly “live more” a day is very happy

On the evening of July 21, Beijing time, the WTT Championship Budapest entered the men’s and women’s singles quarter-finals. In the just-concluded women’s singles match, Chinese player Wang Manyu 3-0 (11-7, 12-10 and 13-11) zeroed Japanese player Mima Ito and advanced to the semi-finals.

The two have met 12 times in the World Series before, and 23-year-old Wang Manyu has the absolute upper hand with 10 wins and 2 losses. In the first game, the two sides started from 1 draw to 7 draws. After entering the final game, Wang Manyu scored three points in a row to get the game point. In the end, Mima Ito received a backhand and the Chinese player took the lead 11-7.

In the second inning, both sides scored in their respective serving rounds. After entering the middle game, Mima Ito served the net and the two sides tied at 5. At this time, the Japanese team’s off-field coach called a timeout. After coming back from the suspension, Wang Manyu scored four points in a row while falling behind 5-7, and 9-7 prevailed. She also called a timeout after being chased back by her opponent by a point. After the restart of the game, Ito Mima tenaciously chased the score to 10. At the critical moment, Wang Manyu scored two points in a row, 12-10 and another victory.

At the start of the third game, Mima Ito made many mistakes, and Wang Manyu entered the middle game with a 4-1 lead. After that, she withstood her opponent’s counterattack momentum and took the lead 8-4 in the final game. In the last stage, Mima Ito chased three points in a row, making the game more suspenseful. With 9 draws, 10 draws, and 11 draws, the two stood on the same starting line again. At the critical moment, Ito Mima received the serve, Wang Manyu made a strong attack, and Wang Manyu sealed the victory 13-11.

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In the semifinals, Wang Manyu will face teammate Chen Meng. The latter beat Japan’s Hina Hayada 3-2 (7-11, 11-4, 11-8, 8-11 and 11-8) in today’s game.

“I prepared very hard before the game, and I knew that the ball would be very difficult to hit.” After the game, Chen Meng said that Hina Hayata has made great progress in the past two years, and the quality of the ball is also very high. At that time, I thought that winning a point is a point, don’t be afraid of how ugly the opponent will beat her, and try to entangle her.”

When talking about the reasons for the loss of the first game in the replay, Chen Meng admitted that he made too many mistakes in the whole game, and the opponent scored a lot of direct attacks. “After biting down the game in the fifth inning, I’m very happy to be able to live one more day,” Chen Meng finally said.

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