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WTT New Mesto Station-National Ping Pong wins five championships and the 58-year-old legend wins_Liang Jingkun

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Original title: WTT New Mesto Station-National Table Tennis won five championships and the 58-year-old legend won the championship

Liu Weishan

News on November 15th, Beijing time, the WTT regular challenge Slovenia Mesto Station has come to an end, and the national table tennis team won all five championships. The men’s singles Liang Jingkun won the derby, and the women’s singles Liu Weishan defeated Luxembourg veteran Ni Xialian to win the championship. The triple doubles champion was also successfully won by the national table tennis team.

The men’s singles final was played between Liang Jingkun and Wang Chuqin. After the start of the game, Wang Chuqin entered the state quickly and led the way with 11 to 9 and 12 to 10 wins. The lagging Liang Jingkun let go of his baggage. From the third game onwards, he exerted his personal offensive power. He opened up the score early and won two 11 to 5 consecutive games. He tied the total score to 2. In the fifth game, Wang Chuqin scored 11 to 9 consecutive wins at the last minute, leading 3 to 2 in total. Afterwards, Liang Jingkun gave it a go and won the sixth game 11 to 8. The deciding game was very fierce. At the last moment, Liang Jingkun did not soften his hands and scored two points in a row to win 12 to 10, with a total score of 4 to 3 and won the championship.

The women’s singles final was Liu Weishan against Ni Xialian. The 58-year-old Ni Xialian played well this time and passed all the way to the final. Before that, she eliminated another Chinese player Wang Yidi in the quarter-finals. Liu Weishan controlled the initiative to win the championship with a 4-1 victory over Ni Xialian.

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The men’s doubles final was the Chinese derby. Lin Gaoyuan/Zhou Qihao defeated Liang Jingkun/Wang Chuqin 3-1; the women’s doubles final Wang Yidi/Liu Weishan completely suppressed the German combination and easily won the championship with 3:0; mixed doubles Wang Chuqin/Wang Yidi defeated 3-1 The German combination won the championship.Return to Sohu to see more


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