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Wu Lei: Confident and capable of creating scoring opportunities, thanks to the coach for his long-term trust – yqqlm

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Wu Lei: Confident and capable of creating scoring opportunities, thanks to the coach for his long-term trust – yqqlm

Original title: Wu Lei: Self-confidence and ability to create scoring opportunities thanks to the coach for long-term trust

In the 31st round of La Liga, the Spaniard defeated Celta 1-0 at home. Wu Lei completed the lore with a goal in 89 minutes, and also broke his own goal drought for more than four months. . On the evening of April 17th, Espanyol will play away to Atletico Madrid. At this week’s Espanyol’s pre-match press conference, Wu Lei accepted an interview with the media. He said that although he sometimes suffers because of his poor handling of the goal. questioned, but coach Moreno never lost confidence in himself.

Wu Lei said: “I am very happy to score a goal. The team rested for 2 days, and I also enjoyed the 2-day vacation. I am very happy that the goal helped the team win. The team is currently in a good position, and everyone has not given up. More games to win in the last seven games, the higher the end-of-season rankings, the better.”

Talking about breaking the scoring drought, Wu Lei said: “I want to thank the head coach, when I played few games, the head coach has always maintained confidence in me, and I have more confidence in me, and some people may feel that I have a foot in the door. Sometimes I don’t handle it very well, but the manager keeps saying that I have a very good shooting ability, and I also have very good goals in training, but I just need to score to build confidence. So I also train hard every day and keep my feet on the ground.”

“I’ve always had a lot of confidence in myself and I know that as long as I’m on the pitch, whether it’s five minutes or 10 minutes, I can create chances to score, it’s just one goal missing and I’m very happy with that. Zhou’s game pierced the window paper, I hope the following games can be smoother and bring more goals to the team.” Wu Lei said.

Talking about his teammate Dadell who assisted him, Wu Lei said: “He sat next to me in the locker room, Dadell has been very friendly to me since the first day he came, and my first goal was also the pass he gave me. , Dadell is very good, his feet are like magic, the ball is under his feet, it is difficult for others to grab.”

After completing the relegation task, for the next seven rounds of the league, Wu Lei said: “The team is currently in a good position, and no one has given up. In the last seven games, more games have to be won, and the higher the ranking at the end of the season, the better. Well, that’s the goal for everyone.”

When asked about winning the China Golden Globe Award, Wu Lei also seemed very sincere, he said: “Last year, the playing time and statistics in the club were not very good, but my performance in the national team was good, and I am very happy to win the award. I hope to bring more help to the team this year, especially at the club level, after scoring the first goal gave me more confidence.” (Sohu Sports Pei Li)Return to Sohu, see more


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