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Wu Lei: I can create opportunities as long as I play

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Wu Lei: I can create opportunities as long as I play

Original title: Wu Lei: I can create opportunities as long as I play

Wu Lei: I can create opportunities as long as I play

Live it, April 13. In the La Liga game over the weekend, Chinese player Wu Lei’s lore helped Espanyol beat Celta 1-0. Wu Lei attended the Espanyol press conference today.

How did you prepare for the goal this weekend?

Wu Lei: First of all, I am very happy to score goals. The team rested for the past two days, and I also enjoyed the short vacation very much. I am very happy to help the team with goals. Although the team is in a good position, we have not let up and all of us will hope for more wins in the remaining games. By the end of the season, the higher the team ranks, the better.

This period of time is relatively difficult. The fans say that you are down-to-earth to welcome opportunities. What do you say to the fans?

Wu Lei: It was true that I played less time a while ago, which was very difficult for me. I am very grateful to the fans for loving me and always encouraging me. I have always said that from the first day they joined me, they welcomed me and loved me. I am very grateful to them.

Thanks to the head coach, he has always had confidence in me, a lot of confidence in me. I train hard every day and keep my feet on the ground. No matter how many minutes, 5 minutes or 1 minute I’m on the court, I’ll do my best to help the team.

To improve the efficiency of your own shots, how are you preparing for this, and how do you communicate with the coach?

Wu Lei: As far as myself is concerned, I have always been very confident in myself. As long as I’m on the court, whether it’s five minutes or 10 minutes, I’m just going to create chances when I’m out there, and I’m very happy with myself. Sometimes it’s just one goal missing. The last game pierced the window. I hope it will get better and better and bring more goals to the team.

teammate duddell

Wu Lei: He was sitting next to me in the dressing room. He was very friendly to me. He gave me my first goal. I have always said that he is a very good player. He has magic at his feet. It is difficult for others to steal the ball from his feet. He also has a strong ability to make the final pass. Our team is very lucky to have him.

Relationship with the head coach and communication with the coach?

Like I said just now, he has always given me confidence. In the past few months, I have played very little time, but the coach has been making me work hard.

A lot of people think I’m not very good at the goal, but the manager said that I have a strong shooting ability, I have a lot of good goals in training, and sometimes it’s just a goal. I am very grateful to the manager, and I hope to repay the manager and the club with better performances in the future.

Are there voices questioning your Golden Globe Award?

Wu Lei: Last year, my playing time and statistics in the club were not very good, but my performance in the national team in the past year was very good. I feel very happy to win the China Golden Globe Award. Hope this year can bring more help to the team, especially at the club level. After scoring this goal, it gave me a lot of confidence. After that, I will train harder and help the team.

Many teammates and coaches have blessed you. What message did they convey to you?

Wu Lei: I am very happy, thank you very much. I have always said that I am very happy with Espanyol, although there are times when the game time is short, but I have always been very happy, I can feel that Espanyol is a team. Everyone is working hard for the whole team and giving. Everyone has been very nice to me and I am very happy here. Really feel like we are one big family.Return to Sohu, see more


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