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Wu Lei: I sacrificed personal treatment when I returned to the port, hoping to arouse everyone’s passion and win the championship

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Original title: Wu Lei: Returning to the port and sacrificing personal treatment, hoping to arouse everyone’s passion and win another championship

Wu Lei: I sacrificed personal treatment when I returned to the harbor, hoping to arouse everyone’s passion and win another championship

On July 31, Beijing time, Wu Lei accepted an exclusive interview with “Five Star Sports”. In the second half of the interview, Wu Lei looked forward to returning to the Chinese Super League.

Now come back to play, do you think your mentality will change?

Now that I come back, I may feel more relaxed. As I said before, I have actually experienced a lot outside the past few years, I have learned a lot, and my mentality has become more mature. When I come back this time, my mentality will definitely be better, I will enjoy football more, and I will not care about other external things.

After you announced your return, Lu Wenjun posted on Weibo. Have any other teammates and friends who grew up with you talked to you about this?

I told them all, and they were very happy, very happy, and hoped that I could go back. Because our generation of teammates from Chongming, brothers still have a dream, I hope I can go back, everyone together, including Zhang Linpeng coming to the team, I am really looking forward to being able to work together with goals to strive and complete .

I remember that there was a group in the harbor at that time. After scoring a goal, everyone would give out red envelopes. When you went to Spain, were you still in the group? Have you been paying attention to the situation in the harbor for the past three years?

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At that time, I was in the group all the time, and I actually grabbed very few red envelopes. Because of the time difference, of course I grabbed a few times, but then I quit the group after a long time. This does not mean that I don’t care about my previous teammates. , including Seaport’s games and results. In fact, I have been here all the time, and if I have time, I will watch the games in the harbor.

Haigang’s performance this year is not particularly good. What can your return bring to the team?

I hope it can rekindle everyone’s enthusiasm.Because some time ago, I also watched a lot of pictures of us playing together before, including many pictures of winning the championship in 2018, including many pictures of playing football together since childhood. I think when I see these pictures, my heart is really very warm. Surging, I hope that after going back this time, everyone can get back the feeling they had at the beginning, everyone will fight hard, and want to go and win another championship with the brothers.

In fact, when I came back this time, I really sacrificed a lot in terms of salary and treatment, even less than when I was in Europe, because the current environment of the Chinese Super League is like this.But in fact, like I said, I feel that my career has been very successful, and I have no regrets. I have learned what I should have experienced in Europe, so I may go back now and think about how to be with my brothers. Let’s go together for a goal to complete it, I think to find such a sense of accomplishment is more important and precious than anything else.

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How is your injury now and how long will you need to rest?

In fact, it is not a particularly serious injury. In the past few years, because of the fast pace of training and competition in Europe, they are all old injuries accumulated over the years, and the problem is not particularly big. Football players have reached this short time, and at this age, there will be more or less physical injuries. I don’t think it is a particularly big problem.

What are your follow-up arrangements?

Due to the epidemic, the flight is very uncertain,Now the flight is tentatively scheduled for mid-August, plus the isolation time, it may also be early September, and then it may be officially in the team, and then resume recovery and participate in the game.

The tacit understanding with everyone should still be there, right?

There is no need to mention the tacit understanding. Although I haven’t played together for a long time, in fact, every time I go back to the national team, I see the original teammates, Haigang and other teammates, they are very kind. I don’t think there is any need to worry about this aspect. I also hope to be able to work with you to mobilize the spirit of the team and make your goals firmer and clearer.Return to Sohu, see more


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