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Wu Lei returns to Spain to participate in La Liga as early as September 26 to the UAE to join the National Football Team

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Original title: Wu Lei returns to Spain to participate in La Liga, the earliest to go to the UAE and the National Football Association on September 26

After the Chinese team lost a small goal to the Japanese team in the second round of the top 12, when the Chinese team players returned to the resident hotel for rest, treatment, and dinner, Wu Lei, as the team’s absolute main force, had already embarked on a journey back to Spain overnight. In the early morning of the 8th local time and the morning of the 8th Beijing time, Wu Lei posted photos of the scene where he encountered the Japanese team “Brigade Europe” at the Hamad International Airport in Doha through his personal social platform, and once again sighed the national football team and the strong Asian teams. The huge power gap between.

In the first two rounds of the top 12 games, the Chinese team suffered a two-game losing streak. As the team’s top 40 scorer, Wu Lei played two consecutive games. Unfortunately, due to the team’s overall inferior skills, Wu Lei didn’t get any results in the two games.

According to the plan, the Chinese team will leave Doha on the evening of the 8th local time and move to Sharjah, UAE, the venue for the third round against the Vietnam team. As the team’s only overseas player, Wu Lei will return to Spain to join the Spanish club and participate in the next La Liga game.

It is understood that in order to return to the club team in time, Wu Lei deliberately took the flight that took off in the early hours of the 8th local time to leave Doha. The actual departure time of Qatar Airways flight QR137 by Wu Lei was 2:20 am local time on the 8th, which was 40 minutes later than the scheduled departure time.

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However, Wu Lei has long been accustomed to fatigue and expeditions. The trip that touched him the most was the chance encounter with the Japanese players in Europe at the airport. Wu Lei wrote on his personal social platform: “Beside me, almost the entire Japanese national team is preparing to return to their respective clubs in Europe. I really feel very touched! The gap between us and the strong Asian teams is indeed very big. Gap! Never waste every day!”

It is not difficult to see from this text that Wu Lei’s mood at this moment is particularly complicated. Among them are helplessness and regrets about the Chinese team’s inferior skills, as well as affirmation and envy of the superb skills of strong players. The results of the Chinese team’s loss to Australia and Japan in the first two rounds of the top 12 matches and the 1:16 ratio of the number of Chinese and Japanese players in Europe once again show that studying abroad is of great significance and value.

The La Liga schedule shows that the Spaniard will face the powerful Atletico Madrid in the fourth round at home on the afternoon of September 12, local time. It is understood that since the next round of the Chinese team’s match with the Vietnam team will be held in Sharjah, UAE on October 7, from the perspective of preparations and epidemic prevention needs, Wu Lei may participate in the Spanish team as early as September 25, local time. On the second day after the 7th round of La Liga’s away match against Sevilla, he set off for the UAE and then joined the national football team.

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