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Wu Lei returns to the Chinese men’s football team and hopes to win in Sharjah

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Original title: Wu Lei returns to the Chinese men’s football team and hopes to win in Sharjah

Xinhua News Agency, Sharjah, UAE, November 8th (Reporters Xiao Shiyao and Su Xiaopo) At 2 am local time on the 8th in the UAE, Wu Lei arrived in Sharjah from Spain to join the Chinese men’s national team. Although the journey was tiring, Wu Lei participated in the team’s joint training that night, preparing for the top 12 world preliminaries with Oman on the 11th. Wu Lei said in the interview that Sharjah is a blessed place for the Chinese men’s football team and hopes to score goals here and help the team win.

Affected by factors such as the new crown epidemic, the Chinese team’s two home games against Oman and Australia in November were adjusted to Sharjah. This year the Chinese team won all four games in Sharjah, and Wu Lei scored goals in all four games. “If there are fans cheering, it will bring us a lot of help, (losing the home court) very regretful, but now we have come here, our idea is to play the next two games. Sharjah is also a blessed place for us. Now.” Wu Lei said.

Except for Wu Lei, who played in La Liga, the other players of the Chinese team have gone through closed training sessions for nearly three months. Wu Lei expressed his understanding of the pressure of his teammates: “I understand them very much. Some time ago, everyone was under a lot of pressure and spent too much time in the same environment. I returned to the team and felt that everyone’s mentality was pretty good. After playing for so many years, I believe that everyone can face (external pressure) well. First of all, we must do our own thing.”

The Chinese team is currently ranked fifth in the group with one win and three losses. If you want to retain the hope of qualifying, the next round of the game with the Oman team is crucial. Wu Lei said that now the team will not calculate the points situation. “No matter which opponent you face, you must fight for victory in every game. I hope to use goals to help the team win. For the team, victory is the most important.” (End)Return to Sohu to see more


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