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Wu Lei was selected as the best team of the season in La Liga-Entertainment Grand View-Market Information Network

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Wu Lei selected for La Liga’s best team of the season

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Original title: Wu Lei was selected as the best team of the season in La Liga

On April 12, Beijing time, Spain’s “World Sports News” selected the best lineup for the 31st round of La Liga. Wu Lei, who scored the winning goal for the team, was selected for the first time, and he was also the only selection of the Spaniards in this round. players of this squad. The media once commented on Wu Lei as “the Spaniard’s hero in this game” after the game.

In the 31st round of La Liga last weekend, Wu Lei came off the bench in the 66th minute and scored in the 89th minute to help Espanyol beat Celta. After a lapse of nearly two years, he scored again in La Liga, breaking the 118-day scoring drought. Wu Lei was elected the best player of the game. In just over 20 minutes of playing time, the Chinese striker made a winning contribution to the team, and his performance was unanimously praised by local fans and the media. The Spanish official social media of La Liga even called “Wu Lei = Decisive +3 points”.

With such a crucial performance, Wu Lei was selected as the best lineup in this round of La Liga selected by “World Sports News“. It is worth mentioning that in this lineup, there are two other lore goals that also contributed to this round. The players are Barcelona’s Dutch center Luke De Jong and Osasuna striker Boudimir.

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This is the first time Wu Lei has been selected for the La Liga All-NBA team this season. This season, his playing time is very limited, and most of the time he can only sit on the bench and wait for a chance to play. The performance of this round of the league and the subsequent external feedback are the best reward for Wu Lei’s long-term persistence in adversity.

On the evening of April 17th, Beijing time, Espanyol will face Atletico Madrid away in the 32nd round of the league, hoping that Wu Lei can gain more trust.

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