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Xavi: Now is not the time to talk about Messi and it will be our own fault if we miss the league title – yqqlm

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Original title: Xavi: Now is not the time to talk about Messi. If we miss the league title, it will be our own fault

Live it, April 22 News Beijing time on April 23 at 22:15, in the 30th round of the 2022-23 La Liga season, Barcelona will host Atletico Madrid at home. Before the game, Barcelona coach Harvey attended the press conference, he talked about some of the current situation of the team.

About Atletico Madrid

Xavi: “Tomorrow will be a difficult game. Atletico Madrid are at their best. They are playing very well, brave, with a smooth combination. Griezmann is very good. They have a very high level and great football. Squad. A lot of people think they lost hope after being out of the Champions League, but they are in good form.”

“The last meeting can be used as a reference, we need to play our identity, this has to be the goal. We have to get our identity back and dominate for most of the game. Tomorrow the league continues, it is a very emotional game Great game, we feel good, we’re training well.”

About Yamal

Xavi: “He is a talented player, very young, only 15 years old, but he can help us. He is a player who can become an important part of Barcelona. He is happy and grateful. His presence in the list means a lot. Then he can play.”

About the closing stages of the league

Xavi: “The message is clear: we have to get our identity out of the game again, don’t lose the ball, have a good feeling, bring more in attack. There are situations where we drop the level, but now we have to Stepping up again, it’s a game of reaction.”

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Let’s talk about Yamal

Xavi: “We’re focused on the present, he’s training well, we think he’s good and that’s why he’s with us, whatever his contract situation is. He’s got talent and he can make a difference.”

Key game?

Xavi: “Of course, defeating Atletico Madrid is a blow to their situation in the standings. But every game is crucial, we have 9 finals and winning such a game will ‘eliminate’ an opponent.”

About Messi

Xavi: “I don’t know these situations, I need to focus on football, I don’t think about next year, I don’t think about signing, this will affect our work this week, now is not the time to talk about Messi.”

About Yamal’s youth

Xavi: “I see the shadow of Iniesta in Pedri, but Yamal is different, he has no clear template, he is a natural genius. Young people are not afraid, it’s not like before, now the new generation The players have unbelievable confidence and that’s what I’ve seen from Yamal.”

About team injuries

Xavi: “Dembele is one step away from entering the list. This week he will recover. He has participated in the team training with Christensen. They are almost 100%. Pedri and De Jong have already Get back to 100% and tomorrow we’ll see who plays.”

About goals

Harvey: “We’ve trained the way we play, how we’re going to attack and defend, and we’re going to try to finish.”

About Ceferin vs Laporta

Xavi: “Laporta said everything was fine, there were no concerns. We focused on our work, I was calm and he gave me a lot of confidence.”

On Atletico Madrid’s recovery

Xavi: “It’s thanks to their personality and their coach, they rise in an amazing way, they’re very dangerous. Simeone delivers a lot in the dugout: they’re a big family, they’re a wall in defense .”

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Criticized for talking about Getafe’s turf

Xavi: “They criticize us for everything, but I don’t mind at all, I won’t change my mind. Playing in the sun bothers us, playing on those dry grass can hurt us. Until there is no exact standard , I’m not going to stop, I don’t need to be silent, we have to stick to this, it’s like this in golf and basketball, if you want to play well, you need a good surface. The result against Herthafe is our Mistakes, yes we want to perform and we need to pay attention to the grass.”

About the impact of injuries

Xavi: “When players of De Jong’s and Pedri’s level are not available, the results speak for themselves. Their return is vital for us and Dembele, when they come back we will be better .”

About Levan

Xavi: “He’s motivated, he’s trained well, we’re very happy with Lewandowski, even though he didn’t score last time. But he will score again, become important, and tomorrow he has to get his feel back.”

about next season

Xavi: “What we are waiting for is the direct competitor Atletico Madrid, instead of thinking about next season, we will have time to think about next season.”

About Simeone

Xavi: “Our styles are completely different, but I have a lot of admiration for him. You have to praise his contribution at Atletico Madrid and what he passed on to the players.”

About Pedri

Harvey: “Pedri, Dembele, De Jong, Christensen, etc., they have given us a stamp of identity. Tomorrow we will welcome two of them back. They will change the face of the team. Manage the player load so they can help the team.”

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Let’s talk about Atletico Madrid

Xavi: “Atletico Madrid can do everything, they can press well, they have a great midfield and they have great players in defense, they can switch offense and defense quickly.”

About Pedri Levan Connection

Harvey: “Pedry’s last pass is the key, he gets along very well with Lewandowski. It is good news to have him back, not just for Lewandowski, because he played very well.”

About Griezmann

Xavi: “Griezmann is the core player of Atletico Madrid. He is in great condition. He is what we need to consider on the defensive end.”

About Carrasco

Xavi: “He’s a really good player, he’s done a lot of work, he’s a player who can make a difference in a one-on-one situation. He’s got a good body and he’s willing to give, and if we don’t stop that well He, then he might complicate our game.”

If you miss out on the league title…

Xavi: “We have a good advantage and we have to take advantage of it. If we don’t win the league, it’s no one else’s fault, it’s our own.”

Let’s talk about Pedri’s return

Xavi: “Pedri and De Jong can help, but we also played a wonderful game without them, in the end it’s about the game concept and mode, we are in a good position in La Liga, The players know it well and we played fantastic games without key players.”

(Ma Dongyu)

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