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Xie Siquan won the men’s 3-meter springboard championship

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Xie Siquan won the men’s 3-meter springboard championship

2021-09-12 21:30:00Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network reported that in the “difficulty and stable” duel, Xie Siquan, who played more steadily, had the last laugh. On the evening of September 12, in the men’s 3-meter springboard final of the 14th National Games diving, Tokyo Olympic champion Xie Siyu won the gold medal with 6 jumps with 541.95 points, and Tokyo Olympic runner-up Wang Zongyuan won the runner-up with 529.65 points. Our province player Hui Tianqi played normally and finally ranked 10th with 383.75 points.


In the 14th National Games diving men’s 3-meter springboard championship, the top 4 semi-final players launched a “difficulty battle.” The total difficulty coefficient of Wang Zongyuan, Zhang Wenao, Peng Jianfeng, and Xie Siyu all exceeded 21.3 points, and Wang Zongyuan was as high as 21.7 points. In the first round of competition, Wang Zongyuan and Peng Jianfeng both scored 86.70 points, while Xie Siquan took the lead and jumped out of 91.80 points. After 5 rounds of action, Xie Siyu’s performance remained stable. In the 3rd and 5th rounds, he scored 97.20 points and 94.35 points respectively. He always firmly occupied the top position and finally won the championship easily. Wang Zongyuan’s performance was slightly ups and downs. Although the last jump jumped out of the game’s highest of 98.80 points, but in the end he lost to Xie Siquan by 12.30 points and finished second. Xie Siyu’s Guangdong teammate Peng Jianfeng won the third place.

Arts/All-media reporter Zhang Yong, Xi’an Press Photo: Wang Jian, an all-media reporter of Xi’an Newspaper


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