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Xingyao: The Stunning Dress of the Hangzhou Asian Games Chinese Sports Delegation

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“Wear” Blue and White Porcelain and Peonies on the Hangzhou Asian Games Chinese Sports Delegation Dress “Xingyao” Released

Release time: 21:29, August 15, 2023 Source: China News Network

Beijing, China – The Chinese sports delegation for the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou unveiled their official dress, named “Xingyao,” on August 15th. The dress, adorned with blue and white porcelain and peonies, showcases traditional elements while symbolizing the spirit of sports co-prosperity that shines among the stars. The design also incorporates intertwining vines, representing a vigorous vitality, and chain mail patterns, demonstrating the competition, unity, and resilience of sports.

According to Zhao Yufeng, representative of the dress designer for the Chinese sports delegation at the Hangzhou Asian Games, the dress not only incorporates traditional Chinese elements like chain mail, vines, and peonies but also pays attention to its silhouette. The dress is designed to be rigorous yet comfortable, with elastic fabrics adding flexibility. Each suit is tailored to fit perfectly for each individual athlete, regardless of their height or size.

The dress unveiling event saw the presence of badminton players Shi Yuqi and Chen Yufei, who shared their thoughts on wearing the dress. Shi Yuqi, who is accustomed to wearing sportswear, expressed surprise at the comfort of the formal dress. “It feels looser and more comfortable immediately after putting it on,” he said. Chen Yufei also found the dress comfortable and praised the meaningful designs of peonies and vines on the skirt.

As the countdown to the Hangzhou Asian Games continues, both athletes are actively preparing for the competition. They expressed hope that wearing “Xingyao” will not only shine brightly but also bring good results in the sports event happening in their own backyard.

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The Chinese sports delegation’s dress “Xingyao” embodies the essence of Chinese culture while promoting the spirit of sportsmanship and unity. With its elegant design and meaningful elements, it will surely become a powerful symbol for the Chinese athletes participating in the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Reporter: Cheng Yu
Responsible editor: Luo Pan
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