Home Sports Xu Can recovers from injury and will play against Mexico’s new star. In extraordinary times, he feels even more important on his shoulders – yqqlm

Xu Can recovers from injury and will play against Mexico’s new star. In extraordinary times, he feels even more important on his shoulders – yqqlm

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Xu Can recovers from injury and will play against Mexico’s new star. In extraordinary times, he feels even more important on his shoulders – yqqlm

Original title: Xu Can recovers from injury and will fight against Mexico’s new star. In extraordinary times, he feels more important

Beijing Daily Client | Reporter Wang Xiaoxiao

“This is my comeback after more than a year away from the arena. I’ve been looking forward to this moment for too long.” After the comeback battle was confirmed again, Xu Can’s words were full of desire for battle. On September 5th, Beijing time, the professional boxing promotion company Quanwei Sihai announced that the confrontation between Xu Can and Mexican star Brandon Benitez has been rescheduled for the evening of October 7th, Beijing time. At that time, the two will have a 10-round featherweight bout in Tampa, Florida, USA.

Xu Can’s last match was on August 1, Beijing time last year, when he fought hard with British boxer Leigh Wood to 12 rounds. He was TKO (technical knockout) by his opponent and lost the WBA (World Boxing Association) featherweight class. The “Golden Belt” of the world boxing champion. Originally, Xu Can planned to return on May 20 to have a transitional battle with Benitez to lay the foundation for another impact on the “Golden Belt”, but he had to temporarily stop due to a rib injury.

In the year that he lost the “halo” of the boxing champion, Xu Can reduced the frequency of updating social media and gradually faded out of the public eye. “I let myself be silent for a while, watched the video repeatedly, reflected on my inadequacies, and adjusted my mentality after the defeat.” Xu Can once set a featherweight boxing record in a single match, but in the last defeat , its firepower was completely suppressed. He admitted that when he also had self-doubt, “Failure is the last thing I don’t want to face, and the first two months I was quite conflicted and didn’t want to admit it. But I know that I can eventually be rescued from the quagmire. Yes, only myself.”

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Just when Xu Can was at a low point, the once booming Chinese professional boxing was also in trouble. There are currently only 107 active registered professional boxers in mainland China, an eight-year low. In P4P, the most authoritative comprehensive ranking of professional boxing, there are only three Chinese boxers in the top three. Two of the former national players have fought overseas this year. Meng Fanlong, a light heavyweight, was unanimously fought 12 rounds in May. Decided to lose to former world boxing champion Jean Pascal, heavyweight Zhang Zhilei also lost in the August match in the same way and was not eligible to challenge for the boxing championship.

“I swear to myself, and I swear to all Chinese boxers and fans that no matter how difficult it is, I will persevere and I must take the lead as an example.” He once inspired many professional boxers with dreams with a championship, which greatly boosted the Chinese profession. Xu Can, who had boxing morale, felt even more heavy on his shoulders at this time. In early August, he had a video call with legendary boxing champion Roy Jones Jr. The latter asked Xu Can if he was willing to fight Leigh Wood again, and Xu Can replied firmly that he hoped to complete his revenge one day. “There is an old saying in China, where you fall, you must get up from there.” Xu Can is determined to bring himself and Chinese professional boxing back to a better state through practical actions.

And now, he has become an “inactive boxer” due to no competition for more than a year, hoping to beat Benitez with the best attitude and make his name reappear in the world rankings.

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The 24-year-old Benitez, nicknamed “Cub”, currently has a professional record of 18 wins and 2 losses, with 7 KO (knockout wins) opponents. In the last four games, the Mexican boy has won a winning streak. He couldn’t wait to compete with Xu Can, and threatened to “make people’s eyes shine”.

Benitez in past games

Xu Can said that he has learned a lot from the game with Wood, and hopes to show the improvement results as much as possible in the October game. “I am increasing the reserves in the ‘arsenal’, not only fighting hard on the inside, but also making good use of the distance to take advantage of my height and wingspan.” 28-year-old Xu Can is in his prime. He knows that this game is the first step to regain his lost ground, and if he wants to hit the world championship again, he will not lose any of the next games.

It is understood that the match will be broadcast live on the “KOTV” APP at 22:00 on October 7th, Beijing time, and Chinese boxing fans can download the app to watch for free.

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