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Yang Jian regroups and continues to realize his dream_Sports_News Channel_Yunnan Net

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  Original title: Yang Jian regroups and continues to realize his dream

“Difficulty King” is the title given to 28-year-old diving star Yang Jian. He has the most difficult set of moves for men’s platform diving in the world. He takes 109B with a difficulty factor of 4.1 (forward tossing and half-bends) as a good move and often gets over 100 points. Naturally, he deserves such praise. British diving star Daley was also impressed by Yang Jian’s difficult moves. In Daly’s view, Yang Jian has been jumping on the highest difficulty in the world. If others try his moves, the result may be disastrous.

At the Tokyo Olympics held last year, Yang Jian won the runner-up in the 10-meter platform with 580.40 points, and unfortunately won the silver medal with a slight disadvantage of 1.95 points, but this does not affect people’s memory of his perfect performance on the difficult 109B. . 109B is a super-difficult move that makes others discouraged, but it is his specialty, and he often puts it on the last jump. At the Tokyo Olympics, Yang Jian played well, scoring the highest single jump score of 112.75. How many people can accomplish a jump that is unattainable makes people curious about Yang Jian. “I started practicing 109B in 2013 and it has been a long time since I started practicing 109B. This is my best move and also the finale move. I am very satisfied to be able to play such a level in the Olympic finals, and I have no regrets.” Yang Jian also I am very satisfied with my performance in the Tokyo Olympics, “My whole set of moves is too perfect. It’s not that my technical moves are perfect, but that I can have such a performance in the Olympic finals, which really exceeded my expectations. Probably the only dissatisfaction is not winning the gold medal, because every athlete has a dream of being an Olympic champion.”

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With persistence in his dreams, Yang Jian is still on the road. The Paris cycle started, and Yang Jian returned to the national team to continue fighting for his dream. Only this time, at the beginning of the preparations for the battle, he encountered an unexpected problem. Fortunately, Yang Jian has overcome the difficulties and has been “reborn”.

After the Tokyo Olympics, Yang Jian experienced ups and downs in his recovery process, and he couldn’t even jump off the 10-meter platform as easily as usual. “In addition to the great regression of my physical function, my perception of movements was confused. I couldn’t jump down from the 10-meter platform, and I couldn’t complete any movements. I needed to relax my nerves. So I asked the team leader, I hope I can go back and rest for a while.” After three months of adjustment, Yang Jian gradually regained his former self and resumed a full set of optional movements. In his words, he experienced a “rebirth”. “It’s a rebirth. I’ve been diving for nearly 20 years, and I’ve never encountered such difficulties and psychological obstacles. When I couldn’t complete any movements, I thought my sports career was over. But I also thought about getting back together. The recovery was so successful, and all the choices were restored, and when I came back, I was filled with emotion,” he said.

In the recent intra-team test of the Chinese diving team, Yang Jian made three major mistakes in the 10-meter platform competition. On the best action 109B, he only got 57.40 points, and the final total score was 476.10 points. The first place was won by 24-year-old Yang Hao with a score of 553.20.

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Yang Jian is currently working hard to recover, but fortunately everything has a good start. For the Chinese diving team, the most important event in the near future is the World Swimming Championships in Budapest, which will open on June 18. By then, the diving competition will be held from June 26 to July 3. Yang Jian was the champion of the 10-meter platform at the last Gwangju World Championships, when he won the championship with a super-high score of 598.65. Looking forward to this World Championships, Yang Jian is very calm. He said: “My mentality has calmed down a lot, but I still have dreams and drive. I have been working hard, but there have been some changes in my mentality. Now I can face all the results calmly.”

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