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Yang Qian: I am an ordinary student of Tsinghua University

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Original title: Yang Qian: I am an ordinary Tsinghua University student

On December 25, Beijing time, Yang Qian, the first gold winner of the Tokyo Olympics, participated in a variety show and staged a wonderful talk show. At this year’s Tokyo Olympics, Yang Qian, born after 00, won the first gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics in the women’s 10m air rifle final. She said that she was lucky to be an Olympic champion and received so much attention. In fact, failure is inevitable for athletes. Success is occasional. She laughed at herself and said that she was just a student of Tsinghua University and liked nail art.

After Yang Qian came on stage, she joked that she felt very nervous when she was on a talk show for the first time. After seeing the host Li Dan’s head, she didn’t feel nervous because Li Dan’s round head is like a bull’s-eye, and she likes bull’s-eye the most. . Li Dan took another sentence: “It’s horrible.” Li Dan wiped the sweat from his head with his hand, really feeling locked in aim.

Yang Qian said: “I started shooting when I was very young. At that time, my friends would call me when they went out to play balloons, because when I shot one, the stall owners within two kilometers of the city didn’t run away. See you. I ran away when I ran. I said, girl, don’t hit my balloon. Why don’t you go to the Olympics? I was surprised to learn that I was able to participate in the Olympics. The balloon vendor was even more surprised and decided on the spot. Change to do a ferrule.”

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She mentioned the question of mentality: “We shooters have a stable mentality and will keep ourselves calm at all times. The coach told me, Yang Qian, you can go to the Olympics. Although I am already happy in my heart, I am very special. Calmly speaking, is it a spectator? The coach said it was (to participate in) the game. I said, good. In fact, our athletes compare their mentality to the end. In order to maintain a stable mentality, we usually train between our players. There will be mutual interference. During the Olympics, there were no spectators or teammates to interfere. I was stumped at the time. Fortunately, the opponent made a mistake in the last shot, which caused a huge interference to me. It made me unable to calm down for a long time and won smoothly. Contest.”

She continued: “After becoming an Olympic champion, everyone began to pay too much attention to me, including my hairpin and my nails. In fact, we are also ordinary people, and I also have the hobbies of ordinary girls. My nails are still made by myself. Actually, I do it myself. Manicure is very helpful for shooting. It can enhance the stability of the fingers, improve our concentration, and elevate the hand-eye coordination to a new level and height. Forget it, I can’t make it anymore. In fact, I just think it looks pretty. “

She also laughed at herself: “The first gold in the Olympics has held me too high. In fact, I am just an ordinary student at Tsinghua University. University courses are much harder than shooting. Now my teammates only need to say behind me during training. Do you know that you are going to take the calculus test tomorrow? I missed it right away. I said, don’t mention calculus if you have the ability. He said, yes. Tomorrow depends on high math. I said, yes, I will go to review.”

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Yang Qian went on to say: “I got a gold medal in the Olympics because of luck. The shooting event is more accidental. I only won a bronze medal in the National Games. It is really difficult to win the National Games champion because my opponents are all lucky. It was Chinese. At that time, I hit the last shot and my teammate was about to win the championship. I told her, don’t shoot, you are my own. She shot before the voice was over, and then said, “Thank you for the interference.” .”

She said: “As a young generation of athletes, I am lucky, because failure as an athlete is inevitable, and I can only succeed occasionally. I have attracted so much attention because of one success, and let everyone see that our athletes are ordinary and true in private. I am very grateful for this. In the future, I will not be able to control those accidental factors, but I can control my hands not to shake. I work hard and have a happy manicure. Thank you, I’m Yang Qian.”Return to Sohu to see more


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