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Yao Ming praised “Children’s Basketball, a Model of Zhejiang”: The 10th Zhejiang Children’s Basketball Performance Competition kicked off in Jinhua_Zhejiang Online

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Yao Ming praised “Children’s Basketball, a Model of Zhejiang”: The 10th Zhejiang Children’s Basketball Performance Competition kicked off in Jinhua_Zhejiang Online

Yao Ming praised “Children’s Basketball, Zhejiang Model”: The 10th Zhejiang Children’s Basketball Performance Competition kicked off in Jinhua

Skillful dribbling, wonderful layups, ferocious defense, aggressive fighting… On the court, five or six-year-old cute children played the ball in style, parents in the stands sometimes applauded and sometimes cheered, and the coaches on the sidelines kept guiding everyone. The offense and defense with a single ball, and the referee “tears apart” the twisted children from time to time. A small basketball stimulates the wonderful sports time in early summer. This is the dream of the children who are fully committed to the “basket”.

From June 2 to 4, the 2023 Zhejiang Children’s Sports Conference and the 10th Zhejiang Province Children’s Basketball Performance Competition of “Peiyou Cup” was held in the basketball hall of Jinhua Sports Center. Nearly a thousand children from 51 kindergartens across the province , Intense competitions were held in collective events such as basketball exercises, 5-a-side PK games, crotch dribble, 6-a-side dribble, shooting, passing, etc., demonstrating the high level of Zhejiang children’s basketball and the leading hard power in the country.

Dynamic basketball gymnastics has always been a specialty of children’s basketball in Zhejiang, and it is also the earliest and best-level project in the country. Like self-choreography, at least 16 players must incorporate no less than 10 basic basketball technical movements and no less than 6 basic steps in a performance of about 3 minutes. A continuous 4×8 beat operation. Actions such as dribbling with both hands, passing the ball under the crotch, dribbling the ball between the hands and legs on the floor, and passing the ball on the move are called “flowing clouds and flowing water” for five or six-year-old children, with smooth movement and great appreciation.

There will be many innovations in every basketball exercise performance. For example, Little Sun Kindergarten in Xiaoshun Town, Jindong District, a few children wear roller skates on the field, and cooperate with the team to perform such performances as dribbling and passing. Features, the integration of opera costumes, lion dance, etc. into the basketball performance is refreshing.

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Pujiang Xinhua Kindergarten is a strong team of children’s basketball in our city. It has won the first prize in the province and city competitions in the past ten years. Sunshine Sports and children’s basketball have obvious characteristics and a strong basketball atmosphere; Won the first prize. Dong Yuhuan, the deputy principal who led the team, said that the children performed very well, they dared to work hard, united and cooperated, they were very sunny and confident, and they well demonstrated the results of their usual training.

Sunshine Kindergarten in Qianjing Town, Rugao City, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province is the only kindergarten outside the province invited to participate in this competition. 17 children rushed to Jinhua to participate in multiple competitions. To a good ranking. Team leader Wu Yuefei said that Zhejiang children’s basketball level is very good and the atmosphere is very good. As a special basketball park, they also want to give children an opportunity to show and learn. This time the visit is still very rewarding. The most important thing is that the children are very happy .

Small movement, big world. Zhejiang children’s basketball has become a model in the national preschool education circle. The scale and level of Jinhua’s children’s basketball development has become the backbone of Zhejiang. It is a leader in the province and is a veritable vanguard. The children’s basketball performance competition has become a major brand event in our province. Yao Ming, chairman of the National Basketball Association, once praised “children’s basketball, a model in Zhejiang”.

Wang Zhangming, vice president and secretary-general of Jinhua Children’s Sports Association and professor of Zhejiang Normal University’s College of Physical Education, said that Jinhua’s children’s basketball has been carried out vigorously in recent years, whether it is organizing competitions, participating in provincial competitions, or training teachers. It keeps growing, its quality keeps improving, and its achievements are obvious to all.

Zhu Jing’an, president of the Jinhua Children’s Sports Association, told reporters that the city has hosted the event four times before, including online video competitions during the epidemic. This year is the fourth consecutive year. Kindergartens all over the country are enthusiastic and interested. Among them, the number of kindergartens and children participating in Jinhua is among the best. Jindong and other places have organized many county-level children’s basketball performance competitions.

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At the game site, the 76-year-old Yu Shaosen, who was watching the game in a wheelchair, was particularly conspicuous. He has always been moved and proud of the children’s wonderful performance and passion. As an expert of the National Parent-child Sports High-Level Expert Group of the General Administration of Sport of China and a senior consultant of Zhejiang Children’s Sports Association, Yu Shaosen has been in a wheelchair for more than 40 years. He is the pioneer and promoter of my country’s children’s basketball. Through decades of hard work and professional investment , opened a new situation for children’s sports in Zhejiang, and was once named “China Internet Affairs · Moving 2017″ Internet Moving Person of the Year by Xinhua News Agency.

In Yu Shaosen’s view, toddler basketball is a sport that is very popular among children. Every competition is held very enthusiastically. More and more kindergartens and children are participating, and more and more “remote” kindergartens are persistently coming. Touched and gratified. The basketball project can cultivate children’s unity, cooperation, and tenacious fighting spirit. Children’s basketball is full of fun. In a way that children like, they can increase children’s interest in sports in the process of diversified “playing balls”. Improving golf skills and abilities is one aspect. More importantly, playing ball can make children active, confident, and sunny, and let them develop interest and ambition in playing. Moreover, through small hands holding big hands, children’s basketball can drive hundreds of thousands of parents and millions of people to participate in the sports, which truly returns to the essence of the national fitness program.

Mr. Zhang Jianzhong, an associate professor of Hangzhou Preschool Teachers College of Zhejiang Normal University, is the deputy secretary-general of the Zhejiang Preschool Sports Association and the chief referee of this provincial competition. Emphasize children’s participation, reduce children’s confrontation, and turn the basketball court into a stage for children to perform, rather than a competition for fierce confrontation.

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In his speech at the opening ceremony, Wang Jian, an expert of the National Parent-child Sports High-level Expert Group of the General Administration of Sport of China and chairman of the Zhejiang Children’s Sports Association, said that a strong youth makes a country strong. In order to further promote children’s active participation in physical exercise, firmly establish the “health first The concept of “Sports People”, the Zhejiang Provincial Sports Bureau, the Provincial Sports Federation and 9 departments including the Provincial Customs Work Committee and the Provincial Health and Health Committee jointly host the “Zhejiang Children’s Sports Conference” this year. This year is the 16th year. This is Zhejiang The annual sports event for children in the province is also the “golden business card” for children’s sports activities across the country, allowing children to “have fun, develop interest, develop knowledge, develop moral character, develop health, and achieve dreams” in participating in sports activities “, and strive to promote the all-round development of children’s morality, intelligence, body, beauty and labor.

It is reported that this competition is also one of the children’s and youth-themed fitness activities in the 2023 “Let’s Run for the Asian Games Youth”. The “Running Youth” theme fitness activity is a national activity launched by the State Sports General Administration. Through various measures such as holding various youth competitions and carrying out large class exhibitions and evaluations, it guides children and adolescents to cultivate sports interests and develop fitness habits from an early age. , “Enjoy fun, enhance physical fitness, improve personality, and temper will” in physical exercise, and build a collaborative mechanism for schools, families, and society to pay attention to the healthy growth of children and adolescents.

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