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“Yes, it’s a difficult time. We’ll react like real men”

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“Yes, it’s a difficult time. We’ll react like real men”

Mister Greco: “Scoring so little is not like us, I expect a reaction immediately” The red cards will affect the next matches: “Every match will be very hard”

SASSARI. He remains long minutes in a locker room that seethes with anger and bitterness for an unexpected and not entirely deserved defeat, then the coach resumes the aplomb that distinguishes him and shows up in the press room to examine a heated match and the result ” that hurts”.

Because, as Alfonso Greco points out, «considering Giugliano’s equal in Arzachena, a few points in the standings could have been recovered. Also for this reason the regret is great on a day in which I save only the reaction of the boys to the disadvantage, albeit more nervous than reasoned. It is good that they believed in it until the end but there was no brilliance of other times ».

«In the first half – continues the home coach – the team managed to create a game and good chances, but there were also many mistakes. We have conceded too many restarts to opponents who know how to exploit them, sometimes even on inactive balls and this almost never happens. On one of these Cynthia found the goal, which cut our legs off ».

Torres is going through a period of decline in terms of concreteness, in the last 5 matches she has only scored 3 goals and also for the rossoblù coach a lot of sterility «it is not from Torres. There is no shortage of opportunities to score but in this period it is not easy to throw it in ». A difficulty that is making the difference, as well as the absences with which to deal now in every race. And for the next one there will still be many. “The regret is not only for the result but also for the red cards remedied, which will bring heavy consequences because they concern all the central defenders”. The moment is special and a strong call to responsibility comes from Greco, who encourages his boys in this way: “Now you have to prove that you are real men, a solid group can be seen in difficult moments and I expect to see an important reaction to this. defeat which, I repeat, hurts. Let’s see what we are really made of, let’s put ourselves under examination to demonstrate character and maturity ».

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The first answers are expected from the next round on the Monterotondo field. “It will be tough – assures the coach Torresino – and by now it will always be like this because in the second leg a different championship is played from that of the first leg, the points weigh more and more, for everyone”.

On the verge of euphoria is Luca Tiozzo, guest technician who in a few days beat first and second in the class. «I’m very happy, I like being a big kill. We have won against two strong teams, so we are strong too. But in the first half I got angry, we could have done much better».

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