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Yi Liyuan, Ou Hao and Jiang Xin, starring in the SARFT Winter Olympics tribute drama “The Name of Ice and Snow” has been successfully completed-qianlong.com.cn

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Recently, supported by the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, the State Administration of Radio and Television, the Beijing Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Jilin Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Hebei Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department and other units under the guidance and joint production, The TV drama project “The Name of Ice and Snow” with the theme of tribute to the Winter Olympics of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television was successfully completed.

“The Name of Ice and Snow” takes “China and the Forty Years of the Winter Olympics” as the theme. By telling the story of the ice and snow love of a family of three generations, it writes the history of preparing for the Winter Olympics and shows the spirit of the harmonious development of man and nature. Adhering to the pioneering and inheriting of the spirit of the Winter Olympics, “The Name of Ice and Snow” takes the first generation of ice and snowman Yan Zhenhua’s “pioneering” journey on the road to the Winter Olympics, and looks back on the struggle years of Chinese ice and snow sports in the 1970s entering an international perspective. The play is produced by Fu Dongyu as the director, Liang Zhenhua as the chief screenwriter, Bai Tao directed, starring Ou Hao, Yi Liyuan, Liang Jie, and Jiang Xin specially invited to perform the passionate youth of the snowman in the new era.

It is understood that what is very worthy of attention in the filming of this drama is that in addition to focusing on the hard-working athletes and coaches on the field, the guardian who also pays attention to the silent dedication outside the field-a persistent, serious, desperate, cold outside and hot winter The role of the team doctor Ye Xiaoxiao of the Olympic Short Track Speed ​​Skating Team’s youth training camp is Yi Liyuan, a cultural promotion envoy for the Winter Olympics and an associate professor at Communication University of China. In recent years, she has been actively participating in the official cultural activities of the Winter Olympics, and she has done her best to publicize and promote the Winter Olympics: “Winter Olympics Countdown 1000 Days Theme Concert”, “Winter Olympics Mascot Conference”, “Winter Olympics Volunteers” “Global Recruitment Launching Ceremony”, “Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Countdown 1st Anniversary Event”, “Beijing 202 Winter Olympics Slogan Release Event” and other large-scale Winter Olympics events have Yi Liyuan on stage to sing and sing. In the Beijing Satellite TV large-scale winter Olympic venue music show “Winter Dream Covenant”, through field visits to the Winter Olympic venues to popularize the winter Olympic cultural knowledge to the audience, in the CCTV “High-speed train bound for the Winter Olympics” special program to take the Winter Olympics high-speed rail to reach the winter The Olympic Town Prince City Station once again introduced the Winter Olympic culture and cutting-edge technology to the audience from the first point of view. In addition, she also worked with many well-known musicians to produce Winter Olympic songs, and Mo Hualun sang “Ice and Snow Torch”, and Hu Yanbin sang the second Winter Olympics outstanding musical composition “Winter Olympics, We Hug You”, and Wang Sulong sang the song “Ice and Snow”. “Dream Flying”, etc., with gentle and firm singing to inject strength into athletes participating in the Winter Olympics; at the 100-day countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympics not long ago, Yi Liyuan presented her to the “Double Olympics City” in Beijing. The original song “I Love Beijing”, to express my blessings and love for the Winter Olympics and Beijing; this time, Yi Liyuan chose to participate in the first Chinese Winter Olympics in a more vivid way. The theme of the TV series “The Name of Ice and Snow”, appearing in front of the public as the team doctor Ye Xiaoxiao, is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of the show.

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Yiliyuan Ouhao Jiang Xin starring in

“If athletes are compared to superheroes, the team doctors are their energy station and do everything they can to escort their success.” When Yi Liyuan talks about the meaning of the role, she can’t hide the admiration and respect from her heart. “The appearance of this character is also to tell the audience that everyone’s success is not a medal of military merit. Behind every gold medal is the dedication of a team. Behind every glory is the dedication of countless heroes.” The role of Ye Xiaoxiao is well performed. Yi Liyuan went to the training camp of the Winter Olympics on the spot, and learned some basic knowledge of sports medicine from real team doctors, including first aid, massage physiotherapy techniques, basic operation and use of equipment, etc. , Observed and truly felt the daily life of the team doctor; at the same time, Yi Liyuan also went to the ice rink where the athletes were training, and actually experienced the hard work and difficulty of the team doctor in the low temperature state. Ye Xiaoxiao and Yi Liyuan accompany each other, achieve each other’s accomplishments, experience ups and downs, and endure multiple tests.

In the play, Ye Xiaoxiao was born in a medical family and was persistent in his pursuit. He gave up the opportunity to work in a big hospital and chose to come to the youth academy to practice the ideals of the Winter Olympics. In reality, in order to pursue her music dream, Yi Liyuan gave up her postgraduate offer from the University of Westminster in the United Kingdom, and chose an inter-professional postgraduate entrance examination, becoming the first inter-professional student to be admitted to a graduate student in vocal music. “Ye Xiaoxiao and I are both persistent, serious, and desperate people. Starting with dreams, and finally with our heart, we are all working hard towards our goals step by step.” She explained the heart-to-heart relationship between her and the characters. Pity.

Yiliyuan Ouhao Jiang Xin starring in

Ye Xiaoxiao and Yi Liyuan accompany each other, achieve each other’s accomplishments, experience ups and downs, and have gone through multiple tests, ushering in the smooth completion of “The Name of Ice and Snow”. The Beijing Winter Olympics has also entered the countdown sprint. Love the ice and snow, as a gift to the Winter Olympics. The growth of generations of ice and snowmen has demonstrated the youthful power of the Chinese nation and has also witnessed the continuous prosperity of the motherland. “The Name of Ice and Snow” is an ingenious work that pays tribute to the Olympic faith and spiritual inheritance, focusing on the heroic youth ice and snowman, sowing the fire of the Winter Olympic dream with infinite love. The play will officially meet with a large audience during the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. I look forward to the dream journey of generations of snowmen. I look forward to the wonderful performance of Ye Xiaoxiao, who is strong and soft. Please look forward to it.


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