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You Don’t Know Me, la nuova miniserie crime di Netflix – Magazine

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You Don’t Know Me, la nuova miniserie crime di Netflix – Magazine

Friday 17 June will be streaming on Netflix the British miniseries ‘You Don’t Know Me’the story of a trial that seems to have already been decided and of a defendant who does everything to convince the jury of his innocence.

It all starts with a young man accused of murder. Evidence seems to show that he is guilty: he knew the victim, his car was seen in the murder area, the dead man’s blood was found under his fingernails and the murder weapon in his house. Case closed, in short, and certain guilt. Or maybe not? Our protagonist decides to to dismiss their defense attorney and to deliver the final plea alone: pleads innocent and intends to tell his story to convince the jury that he is right. And telling his story means telling his girlfriend: a mysterious woman who could be the keystone of the whole story.

‘You Don’t Know Me’ è the adaptation of the novel of the same name written by Imran Mahmood, a British writer who is also a lawyer and therefore knows the world of courts well and from within. The screenplay for the TV series was written by Tom Edge, who among other things worked on the scripts of the TV series ‘The Crown’ and created ‘Lovestick’ and ‘Vigil – Investigation on board’. The direction was instead handled by Sarmad Masudwhich has relied on a resume in which episodes of ‘Hollyoaks’, ‘Bullettproof’ and also the film ‘My Pure Land’ stand out, which in 2017 was the British nominee for the Oscar for best international film.

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In the cast they are appreciated Samuel Adewunmi (seen in ‘Angela Black’), Sophie Wilde (‘Eden’), Bukky Bakray (‘Rock’) e Roger Nsengiyumva (‘Tomb Raider’).

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