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Youku Kids Cares About Teenagers’ Growth Ice and Snow Documentary “Silver Flower” Shows the Vitality of Chinese Teenagers-Qianlong.com.cn

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Source title: Youku Children’s Care for Teenagers’ Growth Ice and Snow Documentary “Silver Flower” Shows the Vitality of Chinese Teenagers

It is only 20 days before the official opening of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. In order to welcome the Beijing Winter Olympics, Youku and China Youth Daily launched the ice and snow documentary “Yinhua”, which tells the story of Yinhua, a post-00 Tuva girl who loves skiing in Hemu Village, Altay, Xinjiang, and her dreams The story of becoming a Winter Olympic athlete through professional training. We call on everyone to pay attention to the Winter Olympics, participate in ice and snow sports, and cheer for the brave youngsters who are chasing their dreams.

The Altay region of Xinjiang is the origin of human skiing. The local Hemu Village is called “Snow Town” in winter. The Tuva residents living here are mainly nomadic and are good at riding and skiing. In the documentary “Silver Flower”, Yinhua has cultivated extraordinary skiing skills with her innate talent and immersive inheritance. Due to the limited conditions, it is difficult for her to get access to professional ski equipment and formal ski training, but in order to pursue her dream of the Winter Olympics, she still insists on studying and practicing hard and breaking through herself. The plot in the film touched many netizens, and they commented, “Like the little girl’s persistence”, “As long as there is a dream, there will be light in the hearts of young people. May the young people in the new era work hard and meet at the top.” .

As the Beijing Winter Olympics is about to kick off, ice and snow sports have gradually become a new choice for fitness and a new way of life across the country and across the country. At the end of the documentary, Yang Yang, Deng Yaping, Pang Qing, Tong Jian, Guo Dandan, Li Nina, several world champions, as well as media person Yang Lan appeared together to cheer on the Olympic dream of Ice and Snow Youth.

Surprisingly, Youku Kids sent the Fanny family as the dream support officer, and specially invited Guo Dandan, China‘s first skiing world champion, as Xiao Yinhua’s coach to help Xiao Yinhua realize her dream of being a great ski coach. Hua insisted on her dream, developed a ski training plan for Xiao Yinhua, and remotely connected with the Fanny family to Xiao Yinhua who was far away in Altay, and gave a meaningful first lesson in the snow field by way of teaching from the air. Guo Dandan and Xiao Yinhua, the touching winter Olympic dream linkage between master and apprentice, has also been fully recorded, and will be broadcast in the special Winter Olympics series of “Fannie Seeing the World” (February 4), witnessing the two generations together with the audience. The Olympic complex meets in the program.

At the same time, the content of the 2022 Youku Children’s Ice and Snow Season has been launched on Youku. The interactive educational programs and knowledge interaction have inspired more parents and families to participate in the atmosphere of the National Winter Olympics. In addition, Youku Kids also launched the topic “This is the power of youth” to show the vigorous development of contemporary youth. The invitations included Yinhua, the protagonist of the documentary, the “Bangbang Angels”, a public welfare baseball team, Chinese little curry Song Yihong, “Wow! “Ice Hockey” teenagers Pan Siyan and Liu Yulu, post-10s children’s band “Little Bears”, post-10s hip-hop teenagers Luo Haoming and Liao Xize, 12-year-old fencing teenager Liu Haosen and other new-age teenagers, jointly performed “Juvenile China Talk”.

When the world‘s eyes converge on the upcoming 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, Youku Kids will set a positive growth example for more flowers of the motherland by showing the vigor of Chinese children and children, and guide more children to persevere and pursue their own dreams. dream.

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