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Yuan Xinyue’s return to help the women’s volleyball All-Star game four foreign players collectively failed to cause controversy_Main Attack_Tianjin Bohai Bank_Acceptance

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Original title: Yuan Xinyue’s comeback to help the women’s volleyball All-Star game four foreign players collectively failed to cause controversy

The National Women’s Volleyball Super League of the 2021-2022 season is scheduled to stage an All-Star game on the weekend. Wang Baoquan was named the biggest winner of the eight finalists of Tianjin Bohai Bank. August 1st was disbanded but Liu Yanhan and Zhang Shiqi, as well as Yuan Xinyue, who came back to welcome the league debut, were shortlisted. Including the high meaning of playing for Shanghai. However, the controversy in the All-Star lineup is the collective disappearance of the four major foreign players. In addition to Vargas and D-Boskovich, even the Olympic MVP Larsen and Jin Ruanjing are also missed. At the same time, Zhu Ting is attacking junior Han Wenya. The second place in the scoring list also lost.

The All-Star Game should be more concerned and topical for the Women’s Volleyball Super League. In addition to the active women’s volleyball player who is led by Yuan Xinyue’s debut, it is indispensable for the big-name foreign aid to join. However, the official website of the Volleyball Association officially announced the lineup. Surprisingly, the four major foreign aids in the 2021-2022 season have disappeared collectively. Cuba’s transfer of heavy artillery to Turkey took over Vargas and joined Tianjin Bohai Bank. He once created an amazing record of 10 points in a single game and attacked both front and back rows. Li is the strongest weapon in the previous volleyball Super League.

Bosnia-Herzegovina women’s volleyball team D-Boskovic is the sister of Serbian heavy artillery T-Boskovic. He was recruited by the volleyball super new army Shenzhen Zhongsei as the most relied scoring point; the Korean women’s volleyball team’s main attack on Jin Ruanjing was the London Olympics. MVP, US Captain Larsen is the MVP of the Tokyo Olympics. Unfortunately, these two stars, like D-Boskovic and Vargas, were not selected for the final list announced by the Volleyball Association. The women’s volleyball All-Star game lacking the four major foreign aid teams, without Zhu Ting and Zhang Changning relying solely on Li Yingying, seems insufficient.

As for the opacity of the selection criteria for the women’s volleyball All-Star lineup, it is also questioned. From the individual technical statistics of the first stage, Zhu Ting’s main attacking sister Han Wenya contributed 111 points, 121 points behind Guangdong and Chen Peiyan, but she is regretful. Unsuccessful. Shandong women’s volleyball team’s deputy attacker Yang Hanyu helped Shenzhen Zhongsai block and scored 18 points, tying the Zhejiang independent leader Liu Yu, but also missed the second place. In other words, the women’s volleyball team’s All-Star lineup is not implemented in the case of fan voting, the shortlisting criteria should be announced in time to respond to outside doubts.

The women’s volleyball all-star lineup was officially finalized on the official website of the Volleyball Association. Wang Baoquan headed Tianjin Bohai Bank. Eight players were shortlisted as the biggest winners, including local main attackers Li Yingying and Wang Yizhu, deputy attackers Wang Yuanyuan, setter Yao Di and freeman Mencius, and the other three. From Bayi, the main attackers are Liu Yanhan, the deputy attackers Yuan Xinyue and Zhang Shiqi, and the Bayi deputy attackers who play for Shanghai are also selected. Fujian Anxi Tieguanyin was the only seedling in the All-Star Game as the deputy attacker Zheng Yixin, and the only deputy attacker Liu Yu in the ancient town of Xitang in Jiashan, Zhejiang Province was on the list.

Liaoning Huajun led the four finalists in the All-Star Game by the setter Ding Xia, including the main offensive stage release, deputy offensive Hu Mingyuan and support Sun Xiaoxuan; Shandong Rizhao Iron and Steel freeman Wang Mengjie still on the list even sitting on the cold bench, World Cup champion deputy attacker Yang Hanyu, support Du Qingqing and setter Cai Yaqian were shortlisted; Jiangsu Zhongtian Iron and Steel had four people on the list, and Gong Xiangyu was appointed as the captain of the blue team, as well as the setter Diao Linyu, free agent Ni Feihua, and Supernova. The second biography Ding Xia.

In addition to being selected as the All-Star team for August 1st, Shanghai Guangming’s main attacker Yang Jie and free agent Wang Weiyi were recruited at the same time; Guangdong Jiangmen Huati’s three finalists were to respond to Chen Peiyan, main attacker Li Yao and Wang Yifan. From the perspective of the women’s volleyball All-Star match, the red team’s secondary offenses including national players Yuan Xinyue, Yang Hanyu and Gaoyi have more obvious advantages. Ding Xia and Yao Di have more experience in the second pass, and the offensive trident offensive and defensive system is more balanced. Therefore, Wang Baoquan was in charge of the cross-net confrontation and Cai Bin was even more optimistic before the game. (Su Yingguo)

Inventory of the 2021-2022 National Women’s Volleyball Super League Red and Blue vs. All-Star lineup:

(1) Red team:

Head coach: Wang Baoquan (Tianjin)

Assistant Coach: Li Yanlong (Shandong)

Main attack: No. 1 Li Yingying (Tianjin), No. 3 Duan Fang (Liaoning), No. 5 Wang Yifan (Guangdong), No. 14 Wang Yizhu (Tianjin)

Secondary attack: No. 2 Zhang Shiqi (Tianjin original Bayi), No. 6 Gaoyi (Shanghai original Bayi), No. 7 Yuan Xinyue (Tianjin original Bayi), No. 11 Yang Hanyu (Shandong)

Response: No. 4 Du Qingqing (Shandong), No. 9 Chen Peiyan (Guangdong)

Second pass: No. 8 Ding Xia (Liaoning, captain), No. 12 Yao Di (Tianjin)

Freeman: No. 10 Wang Mengjie (Shandong), No. 13 Mencius (Tianjin)

(2) Blue team:

Head coach: Cai Bin (Jiangsu and Shanghai)

Assistant Coach: Wang Zhiteng (Shanghai)

Main Attack: No. 3 Li Yao (Guangdong), No. 4 Liu Yanhan (Tianjin Former Bayi), No. 5 Wu Mengjie (Jiangsu), No. 6 Yang Jie (Shanghai)

Secondary attack: No. 7 Wang Yuanyuan (Tianjin), No. 8 Zheng Yixin (Fujian), No. 9 Hu Mingyuan (Liaoning), No. 10 Liu Yu (Zhejiang)

Response: No. 11 Gong Xiangyu (Jiangsu), No. 14 Sun Xiaoxuan (Liaoning)

Setter: No. 12 Diao Linyu (Jiangsu), No. 13 Cai Yaqian (Shandong)

Freeman: No. 1 Wang Weiyi (Shanghai), No. 2 Ni Feihua (Jiangsu)Return to Sohu to see more


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