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Zanella: “This is how we promote the beauties of Val Canzoi”

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The organizer and mayor of Cesio sincerely thanks all the volunteers and companies who have helped The race this year is back on its original track


La Selvarega has restarted with momentum. The Cesiolino event was born in 2017, reviving the thread of a story that dates back to the Sixties (the Bruno Boz Mountain Running Trophy, which later became the Val Canzoi Trophy) and which had continued until 1985, then lost itself. The rebirth, four years ago, was thanks to a group of enthusiasts, coordinated by Mauro Garlet and Carlo Zanella, who invented La Selvarega. Demonstration that yesterday returned after a year of forced break due to a health emergency, registering excellent participation (several athletes arrived from outside the province and outside the region) and an excellent technical level.

“The Selvarega 2021 was a success”, summarizes Carlo Zanella, organizer of the event who is also the mayor of Cesiomaggiore, “a success that we of the organizational staff want to share with the over eighty volunteers – who worked in the start and finish area and along the way – and with the companies that have supported us. I believe that Selvarega, together with Curta, can make an important contribution to promoting Val Canzoi, a place that has so much to offer ».

Of note, for this 2021 edition of the Selvarega, the return to the original route of 2017 which for various reasons (including Vaia) it was not possible to repeat in subsequent years. The passage over the top of the dam of the Stua lake, made possible thanks to the collaboration with Enel, is suggestive for both tests. –

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