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Zaniolo and the “yes” to Bournemouth, but the English have refused

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Zaniolo and the “yes” to Bournemouth, but the English have refused

First the refusal decided at Bournemouth, then a “yes” to the English club arrived too late. Nicolo Zaniolo he remains in Rome separately at home and prepares the legal battle after the market negotiation with The Cherries it didn’t go through. On January 27, the attacking midfielder had officially communicated to Roma that he had rejected Bournemouth, then in the closing of the transfer market he opened up for a move to the Premier League but the English in the meantime had turned to the Ivorian Hamed Junior Traorè, closing a 30 million deal with Sassuolo.

Rome’s no to Leeds, Leicester City and Everton

Roma were ready to evaluate other offers from the Premier League, but only if similar to the one presented by Bournemouth. The English club had put one on the table proposal of 35 million (30 plus 5 bonus) in addition to 10 percent on the future resale of the player. Leeds, Leicester City ed Everton they knocked on the yellow and red door, but without satisfying the Friedkins’ requests.

He wants to sue for bullying

Meanwhile Nicolò Zaniolo would be ready to take Roma to court. The company has decided, by the will of the Friedkins, to exclude the player from its technical project. And Zaniolo would have turned to a pool of lawyers to challenge his company mobbing and psychological pressures. The Italian Footballers’ Association was also interested.

The outburst of the mother: “Before it was only the Lazio, now also the Romanists”

Before it was only Lazio people, now even Roma fans are picking on my son, what a mess. I don’t like this silence, but the prosecutor Vigorelli doesn’t want me to speak and then Nicolò is now almost 24 years old, he is a man and he knows how to defend himself, he doesn’t need me”. Corriere della Sera Frances Costamother of Nicolò Zaniolo, commenting on the very delicate moment that the player is experiencing.

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