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Zaniolo between Rome and Milan, wrong choices and dead end

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Zaniolo between Rome and Milan, wrong choices and dead end

He pulled out without having a club that really wanted him: so he turned his back on Roma and the fans

We still don’t know if he will ever become a great player or a champion, he certainly isn’t a fine strategist. At the moment Nicolò Zaniolo is certainly a talent, whose potential shots on the pitch seriously risk being canceled by the wrong choices, the tantrums, the exaggerated demands, the exasperated exits and the excess of self-consideration. Today Zaniolo’s top scorer seems to be Nicolò himself… At least judging by how his case on the transfer market is evolving. It would take an almost impossible dribbling to get out of the dead end where he voluntarily and stubbornly entered, going from idol of the fans to traitor, with the real risk of not making any profit.

In normal life at 23 you can still be defined as a “little boy”, but in football time is running out, it passes faster and is not lost, as the coach of the national team Mancini also reminded Nicolò. And two serious knee injuries, with the suffering suffered to recover, should have perhaps given him greater maturity. But to meet him let’s say that every genius (but little genius is more appropriate for the moment) often brings with him a bit of wildness. But if Nicolò is instinctive in some of his stances between “I don’t play”, “I won’t come anymore”, “give me in immediately”, he certainly doesn’t have good advisers around: be it an agent, family or friends. When you force your hand and call yourself out turning your back on the club that launched, valued, paid and waited for you after two serious injuries, at least you must already have a couple of clubs behind you willing to take you and satisfy your club’s demands. Otherwise it’s a mess. Just like the one starring him now. Mourinho himself, who has a good relationship with him and will try to recover him if he stays in Rome, said he was amazed a few days ago: “When someone asks to leave, he usually has a club, there’s no one here…” .

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Perhaps the agent and player thought that faced with the desire to leave a year and a half from the expiry of the contract, Roma would have agreed to give him away in any way, even on loan with the right of redemption or conditional obligation and figures from end-of-season sales . Awkwardly wrong prediction. First because Roma have shown firmness and then because the club’s situation, the agreements with UEFA and the need to record capital gains prevented them from meeting those who wanted to make the deal without risking almost anything: from Tottenham to Milan. In fact, therefore, prosecutor Vigorelli did not bring any acceptable proposals. The only official one was found by Roma: 27.5 million guaranteed plus 4.5 in bonuses plus 10% on resale. Too bad for Zaniolo, however, that it came from Bournemouth, third from bottom in the Premier League. And he has already hinted that he doesn’t want to go there. But these figures now represent the basis for any other negotiation for Rome. So Milan has definitely pulled out and Tottenham do not intend to present a similar offer. So the chances that Zaniolo, after creating all this chaos, will remain in Rome are very high. If it happens to him and he doesn’t want to spend six months in the attic, he should make himself available and play at a high level. But you need desire and head. Because the bonuses are all over and thinking of still having the fans to support him is just too much. Then in June back on the market. From the series: how to hurt yourself. Question: couldn’t we, under the radar, seek a negotiation together with Roma that would make both of us happy and, if it wasn’t found, continue without jolts? There is nothing worse than wasted talent. Or the ill-advised one.

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