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Zaniolo-Milan, the market negotiation and Mourinho’s words

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Zaniolo-Milan, the market negotiation and Mourinho’s words

After his rejection at Bournemouth, Roma already have him trained separately. Thus the Diavolo reproposed the loan offer to the Giallorossi

You know those movies where you use the good cop and bad cop tactic to get someone talking? Well, as far as the Zaniolo case is concerned, the soft line no longer exists in Rome, as well as other real tracks such as Milan. Mourinho has embraced the hard line of society.

That is: if the attacker does not accept Bournemouth’s proposal, he will remain at Trigoria not out of the squad – because it is not allowed by the regulations – but certainly on the sidelines of the technical project.

Friedkins furious

Beyond yesterday’s words of the Special OneHowever, the worst for Zaniolo is that he is no longer even part of the Friedkin project. The owners are furious about Bournemouth’s refusal and there are several reasons. First of all, the 30 million (plus bonuses) from the English club would allow Roma to move on the market (with Ziyech as their target), then his farewell would free up salary space to include Wijnaldum and Solbakken on the Uefa list, finally the sum would represent a useful capital gain for the balance. All this justifies the irritation of the club, which has already started training the striker in a separate field, like Karsdorp. And the will, on paper, is to continue like this not until June, but until 2024, when his contract expires, with an increase due to disciplinary sanctions for the impossibility so far to call him up.

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At the corner

Zaniolo’s position is very complicated, also because almost all the Italian “senators” have marginalized him. And if his version of events – with the fans on a war footing – doesn’t seem to interest anyone, what is worse is that Tottenham hasn’t shown up again under the Roma conditions – redemption obligation – and Milan hasn’t changed the its location. Of course, the club continues to consider Zaniolo a leading player if he regains confidence, mental condition rather than athletics. Maldini and Massara are ready to talk to Roma again tomorrow, if there is the possibility of closing a deal for a loan, perhaps with the obligation to buy conditional on qualifying for the Champions League. On the other hand, it is impossible for Milan to reach Bournemouth’s conditions. In any case, it is likely to think that the dialogue between Milan and Nicolò will return in the summer, when Zaniolo will have only one year of contract, provided that the Friedkins calm down. The mutual liking is very clear. However, June is far away and, in Milan as in Rome, anything can happen. But for Zaniolo now, also thinking about the national team, times are hard.

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