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Zaniolo rejects Bournemouth: the player has informed Roma

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Zaniolo rejects Bournemouth: the player has informed Roma

The player has decided to break the delay by rejecting the proposal from the English club. The club is ready to punish the player

It ends badly. Nicolò Zaniolo says no to Bournemouth and Roma are literally furious, even threatening disciplinary action. The striker who hoped to live out his last days in yellow and red, the ones that would have opened the doors to Milan or Tottenham instead – with the no to the English club that had prepared a pharaonic offer of around 4.5 million for him season – more than those that Zaniolo asked for renewal – now he finds himself a prisoner of his ghosts and, above all, of an environment that no longer loves him, inside and outside Trigoria.


The management found the behavior of the player unacceptable – who yesterday also refused to meet the Bournemouth managers, who only had telephone contact with his family – and are therefore studying disciplinary actions, which can range from a fine to the possibility that train separately, as do Bianda and Coric. Irritation, then, the management also leaks it to the player’s manager, who was unable to first stop the avalanche and then manage it. In short, the situation has precipitated, above all since Nicolò made it clear to Mourinho that he was unable to play due to his desire to leave. So yesterday was cannibalized by the meeting that took place in Rome between Claudio Vigorelli, the player’s agent, and the Bournemouth emissaries, who also came to the capital to speak with Vina’s agent. The afternoon meeting also lasted for dinner, at a certain point there was talk of inserting a clause in the contract which provided for – in the event of relegation (the team is third from last) – the transfer at the same price as the purchase (approximately 30 million, plus 4 bonus and 10% on a future resale), but the feeling is that everything was done in a spirit of courtesy, because the refusal was certain. It’s not a matter of money, he lets people know who is close to him, so much so that he would have accepted the same engagement as Roma, but with a technical plan, and that of Bournemouth – with his 4-4-2 in which they say he would find it difficult to place tactic – does not convince him.

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It goes without saying that the rejection of the company by the American Bill Foley, a friend of the Friedkins, further irritates the Giallorossi management. Failure to sell does not in fact allow the club the “one in, one out” policy which must be the mantra after the “settlement agreement” with UEFA. Roma, in fact, know they can close an agreement with Ziyech, but Nicolò’s no blocks the negotiation for now. It is not enough. Even the inclusion of Wijnaldum and Solbakken in the UEFA list is becoming more complex, because according to the club, the space left free by Zaniolo would have facilitated the operation. So what will happen from February 1st, when the market will bring down the curtain on everyone’s dreams and hopes? That Zaniolo will have to face a climb to regain everyone’s trust. Including the locker room mates who didn’t like his way of acting at all. It is no coincidence that yesterday the rumor circulated of a disagreement between a weighty senator and Nicolò himself, catechized on the right behaviors to adopt. In any case it is a detail. The feeling is that the attacker will train in a group – as Karsdorp is doing for now – but he will be sidelined, having to struggle even to go on the bench alone. While waiting for the summer, the only lifeline for Zaniolo could be Mourinho himself, with whom the dialogue continues. Of course, the coach knows that it will be impossible to count on him right away, but he too will have to take a step back if the Friedkins’ strategy foresees the hard line. And then there is the national chapter. On the sidelines in Rome, coach Mancini will hardly bet on us for the next matches, as he had started again in recent times.

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The most delicate aspect, however, is that of the relationship with the Giallorossi fans. If it is true that social networks and local radios do not fully represent reality, they certainly appear to be a cross-section not to be underestimated. Needless to say, the barometer has veered towards the storm right now, with a patrol of haters even exceeding the mark on the insults and threats front. Moral: even if he perhaps hopes to be able to count on Mourinho’s support, Zaniolo will have to go through hell, because he would no longer be forgiven for anything on or off the pitch. The climate is heavy. But it was Nicolò himself who slipped into this situation with few ways out. The only one at the moment remains Bournemouth, but he is determined not to take it. The only hope? The oldest of all, the one that certifies that football is an unpredictable circus. But now the highway seems to be just a dead end.

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