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Zhang Benzhi and the second round of the World Table Tennis Championships Japanese media: this defeat is disastrous

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Original title: Zhang Benzhi and the second round of the World Table Tennis Championships Japanese media: this defeat is catastrophic

On November 25th, Beijing time, in today’s World Table Tennis Championships men’s singles game, second seed Zhang Benzhihe broke out in a 64-in and 32-game match. As a result, four of the five Japanese men’s singles players have been eliminated.

What is even more speechless is that Zhang Benzhi and the Polish players who are facing today are not well-known, but he played very hard. After a 3:2 lead, Dias pulled two rounds in a row and finally lost 3:4. At the moment of the deciding game, Zhang Benzhihe had a 7:5 lead, but he lost 5 points in a row and was beaten 5:0 by his opponent. Although he saved two match points, he lost 9:11 in the end.

After Mizutani Hayabusa retired, Zhang Bentomo became the leader of men’s table tennis in Japan. In this World Table Tennis Championships, the goal of the Japanese men’s table tennis team is to challenge the Chinese team, and the national table tennis team will also regard Zhang Benzhihe as the biggest opponent. Unexpectedly, the men’s singles had just entered the second round, and the Japanese men’s table tennis players were eliminated one after another.

Yahoo Sports of Japan conducted an in-depth report on the incident. The title used the word “Japanese shock” to express disappointment with Zhang Benzhi and the defeat. At the same time, it also said that the defeat was catastrophic.

In the comment section of Yahoo Sports, most Japanese fans did not expect to be furious, but expressed their support for Zhang Benzhihe, hoping that he could find the reason for this defeat, adjust his mentality, and make a comeback. However, some fans pointed out that Zhang Benzhi and his youth became famous, his results were very impressive when he was a child, but after the age of 15, there was a downward trend. In the past three years, Zhang Benzhi and basically did not get any very good results. Only in the 2019 World Cup in Chengdu, he defeated Malone, who returned from injury, won a valuable medal and achieved a historic breakthrough for the Japanese team. , Also set a record for the highest ranking of Japanese athletes in the World Cup.

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But since then, Zhang Benzhihe has shown a cliff-like decline. At the Olympics at his doorstep, he did not have the opportunity to challenge the Chinese players, but was eliminated by Eastern European player Dakko Chorkic.

After adjusting for four months to come to the World Table Tennis Championships, Zhang Benzhihe was embarrassed for the second round, and there must be a problem with his mentality. Some Japanese netizens said that Zhang Benzhi and the current mind are still not as mature and stable as Chinese athletes. He should focus on psychological construction and improve himself in an all-round way.Return to Sohu to see more


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