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Zhang Changning was praised for the true thigh of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, Brazil’s main loser, the coach scratched his head_Huang Zizhong

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Original title: Zhang Changning was praised for the real thigh of the Chinese women’s volleyball team

Lang Ping took charge of the Chinese women’s volleyball team in the 9th round of the World League. He defeated Brazil 3-2 in five rounds to end his four-game losing streak. Although the total score 97-104 gap is obvious and the offensive and blocking links are at a disadvantage, he benefits from fewer mistakes and fewer mistakes. The ability to grasp the key points is stronger to the last laugh. Temporary captain Zhang Changning was supported by CCTV’s celebrity Huang Zizhong and was praised as the offensive and defensive core and true thigh of the Chinese women’s volleyball team. He personally blasted 36 points and broke the world league’s highest score in a single game. In contrast, Brazil’s all-main force upset lost to the Chinese women’s volleyball team. In the second lineup, coach Guimarães scratched his head in a hurry.

Even if the Brazilian women’s volleyball team lacks the secondary attacking twin towers Fabiana and Taiza to help out, it still ranks second in the world league with 7 wins, 1 loss and 21 points, just behind the leader of the United States 8 wins 0 losses and 24 points. On the other hand, the Chinese women’s volleyball team lacks Zhu Ting, Li Yingying, Gong Xiangyu, Yuan Xinyue, Yan Ni, and Ding Xia’s offensive and defensive strength. Due to their efforts in three rounds, they were zeroed by Japan and Turkey 0-3, and they lost 2-3 in five rounds to Canada and Belgium. Lost to Serbia 1-3, the result was 3 wins, 5 losses and 10 points upset and fell to 10th in the world league.

Brazilian women’s volleyball coach Guimarães used No. 11 Tandara (former Evergrande foreign aid), No. 10 Gabi and No. 16 Figare (captain Evergrande foreign aid), and deputy attack No. 2 plus Tower played with Carroll No. 15, Markris No. 8 and Freeman No. 18 Bright. Lang Ping takes charge of the Chinese women’s volleyball team and dispatched No. 11 Yao Di, No. 9 Zhang Changning (captain) and No. 10 Liu Xiaotong, No. 4 Yang Hanyu and No. 7 Wang Yuanyuan, No. 8 Li Yao and Freeman No. 18 Wang Mengjie debut.

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The ninth round of the Brazilian women’s volleyball league relied on Tandara’s full firepower to establish a 16-12 advantage, but An Jiajie’s Hawkeye challenged Zhang Changning to buckle and show the pressure to 17-22, which could not block Carol’s short draw and Yang Hanyu’s hand Figare went out of bounds, but unfortunately he was broken by the latter and blocked by Liu Xiaotong and lost 18-25 first. An Jiajie’s on-the-spot command in place of Lang Ping failed to prevent the loss of the game. Yao Di’s single tactical organization did not effectively tear off the defense, but he dared to advise against Brazil’s front and rear platoons, and reminded the sisters to be flexible.

CCTV celebrity Huang Zizhong praised Zhang Changning for his stable performance in the second game. However, his dissatisfaction lies in why the bench lineup is so different from Zhu Ting and other main players. He also analyzed that the unsuccessful replacement of the old and new Samba regiment led to serious aging of the age structure. The women’s volleyball girls fell behind 14-17 thanks to Zhang Changning’s power to tie and then reversed to 24-20. After wasting two innings, Zhang Changning rushed in to tie the game with 25-22. Among them, Li Yao continuously staged a good one-armed defensive show, but unfortunately the funny kick was sent directly to the referee’s hands.

Zhang Changning forced a breakthrough 10-8 in the third game and was penalized out of bounds by the referee. The temporary captain of the women’s volleyball team decisively signaled to apply for the Hawkeye challenge and told Lang Ping that he heard the sound of borrowing a hand out of bounds. Liu Xiaotong and Li Yao combined to reach 16-12 ringgit and Maraes was anxiously scratching his head. Unfortunately, Liu Xiaotong lost 4 points in a row and missed offensive mistakes and was tied by Brazil. Huang Zizhong commented that the Rio Olympic squad was hit hard. As a full-scale main attack, you need to improve the next three-way, but fortunately, a waste of game points or a 25-20 go-ahead score of 2-1.

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The fourth game of the Chinese women’s volleyball team was slightly lax and was beaten by Brazil. Zhang Changning rushed in and out of bounds and was blocked in the last three to start passively with 0-4 and 1-7. When it was 8-14 behind, Zhang Changning was replaced by Duan and Liu Yanhan and Diao Linyu. On the stage, the latter’s defense was too short to dodge and Gabi was almost headshot. Huang Zizhong analyzed that Zhang Changning’s replacement by Lang Ping was due to the accumulation of energy and energy, naturally in order to prepare for the key deciding game and actively accumulate energy. Duan placed behind to 13-24, successfully saving a game point and rushing across the field, but unfortunately it was still fixed by Brazil to 25-14 to tie the game to 2-2.

The deciding game benefited from Zhang Changning’s blocking and the third and Wang Yuanyuan blocking to 6-4. Huang Zizhong praised the women’s volleyball team for the second group of teams to force Brazil to be so great. Zhang Changning succeeded three times after three breakthroughs and then borrowed to go out to 14-11. The Chinese women’s volleyball team wasted a match point, but Zhang Changning still locked the victory in the last three to 15-12. Huang Zizhong fiercely exaggerated Chang Ning’s 36 points is undoubtedly a real thigh. The second group of women’s volleyball team gave Brazil a heavy blow, and pointed out that this is also a game for the Chinese women’s volleyball team to regain their fighting spirit.

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Although the Chinese women’s volleyball team was at a disadvantage in the 69-81 offense and 9-12 blocking, and the serve score was 2-2 comparable to Brazil, and the total score was also 97-104, but it was a fierce battle with 3 in five rounds. -2 (18-25, 25-22, 25-20, 14-25, 15-12) the last laugh, the victory lies in his own mistakes to send 8 points to the Samba Army 9-17, and the ability to grasp the key points of the deciding game Stronger, this also successfully ended the embarrassing situation of the four-game losing streak of the World League slump, which will undoubtedly help the second group of women’s volleyball national players to regain their confidence.

As the captain, Zhang Changning hit 36 ​​points in five innings, breaking the world league record for the highest points in a single game, including 2 points for blocking, 2 points for serving, and 32 points for offense. Among them, the offensive rate was 53.33% of 60 buckles and 32 of 32. , The efficiency of winning and losing points, deducting mistakes and being blocked was 46.67%, and at the same time, he overpowered Evergrande before receiving foreign aid Tandala with 26 points to lead the audience. Regrettably, the women’s volleyball girls are still ranked 10th in the World League with 4 wins, 5 losses and 12 points, but the follow-up matches ushered in the strong return of the six major national players led by Zhu Ting. (Ren Yuyin)Return to Sohu to see more


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