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Zhao Rui and Hu Mingxuan were troubled by fouls and scored 18 points together. Xu Jiewei fell to the ground in pain_Competition_Defense_Zhejiang

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Zhao Rui and Hu Mingxuan were troubled by fouls and scored 18 points together. Xu Jiewei fell to the ground in pain_Competition_Defense_Zhejiang

Original title: Zhao Rui and Hu Mingxuan were troubled by fouls and scored 18 points together, Xu Jiewei fell to the ground in pain

On January 7, Beijing time, the 22-23 season of the CBA League continued to compete for the 23rd round. The first battle between Guangdong Dongguan Dayi Men’s Basketball Team and Zhejiang Chouzhou Jinzu Men’s Basketball Team started at 19:30. Zhejiang Chouzhou Golden Rent Men’s Basketball Team maintained the lead for most of the game. Although Guangdong Dongguan Dayi Men’s Basketball Team tied the score tenaciously in the fourth quarter, Zhejiang Chouzhou Golden Rent Men’s Basketball Team better grasped the opportunity at the critical moment , and finally won 114-103. In the three regular season matches between the two sides this season, Zhejiang Chouzhou Golden Rental Men’s Basketball Team won 2-1.

In the Guangdong-Zhejiang match, the duel between the two sides is a highlight. The Guangdong team has three national players Xu Jie, Zhao Rui, and Hu Mingxuan, and the Zhejiang team has two national players Wu Qian and Lu Wenbo, as well as excellent defenders such as Cheng Shuipeng. In today’s game, the three guards of the Guangdong team played averagely and were completely suppressed by the Zhejiang guards. Zhao Rui scored 12 points, 6 assists, 4 rebounds and 2 steals, Xu Jie scored 7 points, 6 assists and 1 rebound, and Hu Mingxuan scored 6 points, 2 rebounds, 3 assists and 1 steal. Both Xu Jie and Zhao Rui shot only 33% from the field today. Although Hu Mingxuan shot 50% from the field, he took very few shots and was of limited help to the team’s offensive end.

The contest between the two teams in this game has always been carried out under high intensity, and the intensity of the game is far beyond the ordinary regular season. The main rotation players of the two teams have experienced a great test in terms of physical strength. Xu Jie struggled to a sprained ankle, and Wu Qian also had cramps in the final quarter.

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As of the 22nd round, Zhejiang Chouzhou Jinzu men’s basketball team ranked first in the league with 19 wins and 3 losses, and Guangdong Dongguan Dayi men’s basketball team ranked second in the league with 18 wins and 4 losses. This game is the third time that the two teams of Guangdong and Zhejiang have played against each other this season. The Zhejiang Chouzhou Jinzu men’s basketball team only won by 1 point due to Lin Xiaotian’s desperate three-pointer for the first time. The advantage prevailed. At that time, a large number of Zhejiang team members were infected with the new crown virus, and the team only had 8 players in rotation. This was also the Zhejiang team’s first defeat of the season.

After the opening, the two teams both strengthened their defensive strength, which is basically the defensive level of the playoffs. The two backcourt generals of the Zhejiang team, Gary and Wang Yibo, were absent. But the big foreign aid Wright, who played more than 40 minutes, played the best personal performance of the season. The Guangdong team took advantage of the rich staffing of the back line, constantly changing players to pinch the ball-handling players and key players of the Zhejiang team. Once Wu Qian dribbled near the center line, Xu Jie and Hu Mingxuan suddenly stepped forward to double-team, forming a defensive encirclement, forcing Wu Qian to make a dribble error and go out of bounds. Hu Mingxuan caught the ball and hit a 3-pointer, and then assisted Du Runwang to hit a 3-pointer. At the end of the first quarter, the Guangdong team felt bad collectively. Zhao Rui and Xu Jie hit all three shots in a row. The Guangdong team fell behind 22-32 in the first quarter.

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In the second quarter of the game, after Xu Jie made a mistake and was intercepted, he hit a 3-pointer in the next round to make up for it. After Zhao Rui returned to the court, Yu Jiahao blocked a layup. Compared with the previous two Guangdong-Zhejiang battles, tonight Yu Jiahao’s inside basket protection role was fully utilized. The Guangdong team’s three guards played mediocre in the first half. Zhao Rui finally got a free throw opportunity, but missed two free throws. After failing to make consecutive shots, Zhao Rui no longer insisted on scoring with shots. He made two breakthrough layups and scored 4 points. At the end of the first half, he also assisted Brooks to score.

In the first half, compared with the Guangdong team, the Zhejiang team had 20-11 assists, 9 more assists, and 28-22 rebounds, 6 more rebounds.

In the three quarters, the Guangdong team continued to maintain a high-intensity defense. Both teams put a lot of emphasis on high pick-and-rolls and catch-and-rolls at the 5th position. Zhao Rui sent a scalpel-like through pass to Hamilton many times, allowing Hamilton to attack the basket after receiving the ball. Hu Mingxuan’s offensive efficiency was not high today, and he was directly interrupted by Lu Wenbo in the third quarter. The Guangdong team relied on long-term oppressive defense, which gradually cooled the Zhejiang team’s fiery offensive touch in the first half, and there was a period of power outage. The Guangdong team won back 12 points in a single quarter in the third quarter, chasing the point difference to 4 points.

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The Zhejiang team also began to press the audience in the final quarter, stealing Brooks and Hu Mingxuan head-on for two consecutive rounds. Zhao Ruiqiang broke through the inside line, first used his speed to get rid of Cheng Shuipeng, and then pushed Wu Qian with his body at the bottom line, making a strong 2+1. After scoring 3 points in this round, Zhao Rui scored 12 points. With 7 minutes and 23 seconds left, Ren Junfei made a pass back, and Xu Jie, who was unguarded, made a one-handed mid-range throw and scored 92. The Guangdong team finally evened the score! Xu Jie suspected that he sprained his ankle when he went up to grab Wright. With the support of his teammates, he left the field on tiptoe with his healthy right foot. Hu Mingxuan hit 3 points, Guangdong 98-100. After a period of simple treatment, Xu Jie returned to the court. At the last moment, the Guangdong team adopted foul tactics, and the three guards surrounded Wright. Because of the excessive foul, Wright was hit in the face and fell to the ground in pain. In the end, the Guangdong team lost to the Zhejiang team for the second time this season.

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