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Zhejiang hosts women’s indoor futsal match_Zhejiang Online

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Zhejiang hosts women’s indoor futsal game

2022-01-10 14:21:17

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Hang Zu Xuan

From January 9th to 10th, 2022, the 2021 Zhejiang Women’s Indoor Futsal Competition ended successfully at Ideal Hangzhou Running Center Gymnasium. After two days and four rounds of competition, Chubang Shangyi won the Zhejiang Women’s Indoor Futsal Championship, and two teams from Zhejiang University of Technology took two and three places.

As one of the social football events plan of Zhejiang Province in 2021, this game is hosted by Zhejiang Sports Bureau, undertaken by Zhejiang Football Association and Hangzhou Sports Bureau, and co-organized by Hangzhou Football Association and Zhejiang Ideal Sports Tourism Development Co., Ltd. The game aims to promote national fitness, improve the level of mass football in our province, enrich the amateur life of the majority of female football fans, and create a communication platform for more players to join in the future.

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Two teams from Chubang Shangyi, Jiaxing Zicheng United, Huzhou Football Association, Shangcheng Hangyi Chunpu, Hangzhou Meizhou, and Zhejiang University of Technology signed up for the competition.

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According to the rules of the game, the first place of the two groups, Chubang Shangyi, competed with the first team of the National University of Technology for the championship. Facing Chubang Shangyi, who has many indoor futsal national team players, the first team of the National University of Technology was not timid and entered the state first. And scored goals, once leading 1-0, 2-1, 3-2. However, Chubang has not been chaotic in the adversity, equalized three times and narrowly defeated his opponent after winning seven rounds of penalty kicks.

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In the three or four finals between the second place of the two groups, the Huzhou Football Association representative team and the second team of the University of Technology, the second team of the University of Technology won 2-1.

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