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Zhejiang U17 wins National Youth Football League Championship_Zhejiang Online

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Zhejiang U17 wins National Youth Football League Championship_Zhejiang Online

“Break the goal” for the high-quality development of Zhejiang football

Zhejiang U17 wins National Youth Football League Championship

2022-11-30 18:49:34

Source: Zhejiang Online-Qianjiang Evening News Hourly News

Reporter Yang Jian

On the afternoon of November 29th, the first China Youth Football League (men’s high school age U17 group) national final championship battle was held in Zhuhai, Guangdong. Zhejiang U17A team fell behind by one goal in the first half, scored two goals in the second half to reverse the game, and finally defeated Shandong Luneng 2:1 to win the championship.

In fact, the Zhejiang U17 men’s football team was not born out of nowhere. This team was trained in Zhejiang Professional Football Club in accordance with the club’s youth training program since childhood. As an age-appropriate team for the next National Games, this season the team was specially invited to participate in the Zhejiang Super League. In the case of small players playing big games, they scored 4 wins, 1 draw, scored 17 goals and only conceded 2 goals in the first 5 rounds. With excellent results, it is currently topping the traditional strong teams such as Hangzhou and Ningbo.


The Zhejiang U17 men’s football team won the championship in this competition. After the Zhejiang U20 won the championship in the Shaanxi National Games, the Zhejiang reserve echelon once again won the national top competition. In the U17 women’s team competition that ended before, the Zhejiang women’s football team won the runner-up, and the U13 men’s football team won the third place. Youth training is gradually becoming a “golden business card” for the development of Zhejiang football.

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Football development without youth training is a passive source of water, and if professional football, social football, professional talent training and other fields cannot form a steady stream of tributaries, the main stream of football development will not be able to converge.

In recent years, Zhejiang football has combined its own reality and solidified the foundation of football development in a down-to-earth manner. Zhejiang Professional Football Club has achieved 14 rounds of unbeaten in the Chinese Super League this season, and currently ranks third in the standings; won 3 golds and 2 silvers in the National Games, creating multiple historical breakthroughs; the overall level of the Zhejiang Super League continues to rise, Huzhou LOHAS harvest The national sports champion, Shaoxing Shangyu, has entered the professional league of China B; Wu Yue Qiantang is expected to defend his title again this year after winning the five super championships for the first time last year; the National Beach Football Championship has been held in Zhoushan for 13 consecutive sessions.

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