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Zheng Zhi will continue to coach the Guangzhou team next season, whether there will be a wave of departures is still unknown

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Original title: Zheng Zhi will continue to coach the Guangzhou team next season, whether there will be a wave of departures is still unknown

By Chai Zhi, All Media Reporter, Yangcheng Evening News

The 2021 Super League has just ended, and the 32-year-old defender of the Guangzhou team, Mei Fang, became the first person to leave the team. On January 7, Mei Fang posted a long post on social media, stating that his seven-year career with the Guangzhou team will come to an end. In the post, he expressed his gratitude to the club, coaches, teammates and Guangzhou fans.

Mei Fang comes from the U19 echelon of the Wuhan club. In 2012, he gave up the opportunity to study abroad in Belgium and became the captain of the Wuhan Zall team at the age of 21. He has grown into the core of the Wuhan team’s defense. Joined the Guangzhou team in 2014 and made great contributions to the team’s victory in the Super League and the AFC Champions League. In his seven-year Guangzhou career, Mei Fang played 135 times on behalf of the team, but due to injuries this season, he only won three appearances. Although there were registrations in the second stage, it was still unable to make an appearance.

In the final round of the league, facing the Shanghai Haigang team, Mei Fang attended the pre-match press conference as a player, becoming the last time he represented the team in a public event. Old age and continuous injuries eventually led to Mei Fang’s decision to leave the team when his contract expired.

Mei Fang played for the Guangzhou team for seven years

In the long article released by Mei Fang, first of all thanks to the club and former coach Lippi, who joined the Guangzhou team in 2014 and opened the best football memory of his career. Special thanks to Lippi for his trust, tolerance and encouragement, allowing him to wear the national team jersey at the age of 25 and win the first Chinese top league championship in his career. He thanked Cannavaro for his words and deeds, which made him realize the basic abilities and football concepts that a central defender needs to possess. The two are also teachers and friends.

Injuries have become a stumbling block in a player’s career, as has Mei Fang. In recent seasons, he has been plagued by injuries and has not made many appearances. The 2021 season experienced a special difficult period. He thanked the two coaches Zheng Zhi and Liu Zhiyu for bringing their special selves during the special period, and completely ended their 7-year football journey in Guangzhou.

Mei Fang thanked every teammate, “In the eight seasons, there were not only victories, but also failures and even troughs. However, we have never given up the team’s persistent desire for victory and the desire to wear this jersey. I am very proud and touched by the responsibility of carrying it out of adversity again and again!”

In the end, Mei Fang said goodbye to the Guangzhou fans: “Thank you to all the Guangzhou fans for your support and tolerance for me, thank you for your company in the most difficult time of the team, and hope that you can have a better Guangzhou team in the future. !”

In the future, Mei Fang is very likely to return to the three towns of Wuhan, his hometown team, which has just succeeded in the Super League. It is reported that the contracts of main goalkeeper Liu Dianzuo, right back Deng Hanwen, midfielder Huang Bowen, Liao Lisheng and Zheng Zhi have all expired. Zheng Zhi will probably continue to coach next season. Will other players whose contracts expire will continue to leave? Will Mei Fang’s departure trigger a wave of local players from the Guangzhou team? Everything is still unknown!Return to Sohu to see more


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