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Zheng Zhiguang’s speech at the graduation ceremony: I have achieved some achievements in my career, but the regrets left are more unforgettable_Sports_Football_Graduates

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Zheng Zhiguang’s speech at the graduation ceremony: I have achieved some achievements in my career, but the regrets left are more unforgettable_Sports_Football_Graduates

Original title: Zheng Zhiguang’s Graduation Ceremony Speech: He has achieved some achievements in his career, but the regrets he left behind are more unforgettable

At the 2022 Graduation Ceremony of Guangzhou Institute of Physical Education, which ended this morning, Zheng Zhi, the former captain of the Chinese national team, delivered a speech as the representative of the undergraduate teachers of the Football College of Guangzhou Institute of Physical Education. In his speech, Zheng Zhi said that attending the ceremony as a teacher this time marked the beginning of his “new identity”.

“Respected leaders, teachers, and dear students, good morning, I am Zheng Zhi, a teacher from the Football Academy. It is a great honor to return to my alma mater as a teacher to communicate with my classmates. Today is the 2022 graduate of Guangzhou Institute of Physical Education. For the students, this is the most ceremonial end of campus life, implying the joy of a bumper academic harvest, while for me, this is just the most ceremonial colon in campus life, marking a new The beginning of identity.”

“Here, first of all, please allow me, on behalf of all the teachers of Guangzhou Institute of Physical Education, to congratulate all the graduates on their academic success and bright future; secondly, please allow me to express my deep respect and sincere gratitude to my alma mater on behalf of myself as a Guangzhou Sports student. .I graduated from the Guangzhou Institute of Physical Education. It can be said that my classmates are all my juniors and seniors. Today, you are about to graduate, and I would like to take this opportunity to share with you three points of experience in my growing up.”

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“The first point is to love the motherland and know how to be grateful. In my decades of sports career, if there is a spiritual force that has always supported me, overcome many obstacles, and crossed borders to pursue football dreams, it must be patriotism. It can be said that, Long before I loved football, I loved my motherland, and it is precisely because of my deep love that I have always insisted on playing football and dreamed of winning. Now I choose to return to campus, hoping to serve the motherland in a new way and be grateful to the school For my training. I think my classmates are the same as me. The four years of university life have given us a common education. The Guangzhou Sports Culture represented by the spirit of the Rongguo Tuan has been deeply rooted in our hearts. Patriotism and hard work have long become our wide sports people. Therefore, I hope that no matter where they are after graduation, the students should always have a patriotism and gratitude, and invest in the construction of national sports, serve the country, and give back to their alma mater.”

“The second point is persistence and never give up. I think persistence is the characteristic that can best be reflected in our sportsmen, and it is also the characteristic that can best achieve us. If I can get to where I am today, the most important thing is It’s just persistence. I may have some axes. Since I chose football, I have always believed that I can play well, which has become a belief. After I was selected for the Olympic team, I suddenly didn’t play football. This situation lasted for two years. It can be said that it was the most depressing day in my life, but even so, I never thought about giving up and giving up my football dream. This is also a belief that has supported me until now. Therefore, no matter how much difficulties and obstacles the students encounter, they must keep the spirit of our sports people, always persevere, and never give up.”

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“The third point is to persevere in learning and surpass yourself. Virtuous, knowledgeable, literary and martial arts are our school motto, which tells us an attitude towards life, that is, we must have requirements on ourselves, have moral integrity, persist in learning, and increase our talents. , to improve your skills. Whether you work or continue your studies after graduation, you must have the attitude of our broad-minded people, that is, stick to the right path, learn lifelong, and keep climbing. Looking back on my career, I have indeed achieved some achievements, but What makes me even more unforgettable are the regrets left on the field. Many times I think, when I was young, why didn’t I carve out my skills and abilities to improve my level. So I want to share with my classmates. They say that leaving school does not mean the suspension of learning, everyone should seize the great youth time, lay a solid foundation, continue to make breakthroughs, and always run on the road of self-transcendence.”

“We are all sports people and grew up in a good era. Students, the era has handed over the baton to you. I hope you will shoulder this mission, carry forward the spirit and characteristics of sports people, and participate in sports with your youth and sweat. Go ahead in the construction of a strong country, continue to work hard, and climb the peak bravely. Finally, I wish you all, ride the wind and waves, and return with honor!”Return to Sohu, see more


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