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Zola-Meloccaro vs Maini-Marcolin open the Memorial dedicated to Giampiero Galeazzi

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Zola-Meloccaro vs Maini-Marcolin open the Memorial dedicated to Giampiero Galeazzi

Everything is ready between Arzachena and Porto Cervo for the second edition of the Giampiero Galeazzi Memorial, padel tournament reserved for journalists scheduled from Thursday 15 to Sunday 18 June. Thursday the Auditorium of Arzachena will host first the press conference of the event, to follow, at 2.30 pmthe training course organized by the Order of Journalists with the USSI (Sports Press Union) “Memory and current events in journalism” is scheduled.

The event will be held in Arzachena from Thursday 15 to Sunday 18 June in the plants Skg Arena and Padel Deer-Porto Cervo. The Memorial is curated by Aics and Ussi, sponsored by the Sardinia Region, Odg, Fnsi, Ussi, Aics, University of Cagliari, FederCusi, Sport and health, Lega Serie B, FigcLnd Sardinia, municipalities of Arzachena, Tempio and Cagliari and is on average partnership with Rai.

The mayor of Arzachena, Roberto Ragneddathe presidents of the Order of Journalists, national and regional Ussi, Francesco Birocchi, Gianfranco Coppola and Paolo Mastino the president of the conference of presidents Ussi, Mario Zaccaria.

In the afternoon, still in the Auditorium, from 2/2.30 to 5 pm, the course for journalists on “Memory and current events in journalism” opens the Memorial. They also participate in the works, with Birocchi, Coppola, Mastino and Zaccaria the Fnsi president, Vittorio di Trapani, Claudia Segre (Global thinking) e the regional councilor Andrea Piras. Remotely, greetings from Giovanni Malagò (President of Coni), Susanna Galeazzi (daughter of Giampiero and colleague of Mediaset), Jacopo Volpi (director of Rai Sport and presenter of Domenica Sport), Sebino Nela (former Rome and Italy champion).

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Always Thursday, from 5pm, inaugural ceremony, pairings and times. The tournament will reward the best middle school students from Arzachena and Tempio, will include padel tests for youngsters and will have exhibition matches with disabled athletes. In 2022, in Cagliari, the event opened with the videos of Fiorello, the greeting of the Olympic champions Josefa Idem and Daniele Masala. They played in Cagliari Gianfranco Zola, Alessia Mancini, Christian Brocchi, Pierluigi Casiraghi, Dario Marcolin, Leonardo Metalli, Massimo Rastelli, Flaminia Bolzan, David Suazothe champions of the 1970 Cagliari championship.

Applause in Rome. At Coni, with President Malagò, Gianluca and Susanna Galeazz took part in the presentationi, the presidents and delegates of Ussi, Aics, Lega Calcio Serie C and FederCusiGianfranco Coppola, Andrea Lobina, Paolo Nacarlo and Antonio Dima. The Olympic champion Daniele Masala, the former CONI general secretary and FIGC commissioner, Roberto Fabbricini, the delegates of the Sardinia Region, which finances the project, took partRenato Serra and Laura Tascedda (general manager and director of the regional Department of Sport and Public Education), municipality of Arzachena, Cristina Usai and Nicola Occhioni (deputy mayor and councilor for public education), the correspondent of Tg1-Rai, Leonardo Metals. Iacopo Volpi, new director of Rai Sport, took care of the moderation.

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