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▷ NASA TV live – see the trajectory of Comet Diablo, 12P/Ponks-Brooks via Online Streaming | MIX

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▷ NASA TV live – see the trajectory of Comet Diablo, 12P/Ponks-Brooks via Online Streaming |  MIX

A huge phenomenon called Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks is passing close to Earth for the first time in 71 years and will be visible when the sun goes dark, NASA says. Comet Diablo is approaching the Sun and will reach its brightest point on April 21, according to NASA. This is happening just after the April 8 solar eclipse in North America, where the moon will obscure the sun from Texas to Maine. If you want to be part of the journey, NASA TV via online streaming from any digital platform.

But, according to NASA, detecting the comet will be a challenge unless there is a completely clear view of the horizon an hour after sunset. About a few hours after the sun sets, the comet will no longer be visible. 12P/Pons-Brooks is a periodic comet that orbits the Sun approximately every 70 years. It was first identified by Jean-Louis Pons in July 1812 and later by William Robert Brooks in 1883, for which it was named after both discoverers.

The ultraviolet camera on NASA’s Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory A (STEREO-A) spacecraft captured exclusive images of Comet Diablo (12P/Ponks-Brooks) during a coronal mass ejection, also known as a CME. This is not the first time that an event of this magnitude has been recorded in our Solar System. Something similar happened with Comet Nishimura in September 2023, when a CME destroyed the tail of the also called “Green Comet” while it was orbiting the Sun and everything seems to indicate that Comet Diablo could suffer the same fate.

Remember that on Sunday, April 21, Comet Diablo can be located in the sky with the naked eye in many countries around the world, especially those located in the northern hemisphere such as the United States, Mexico, and Canada. It is not necessary to have special equipment. However, if you have professional binoculars or telescopes you will have better opportunities to locate it.

It should be noted that NASA’s STEREO-A space solar observatory closely monitors Comet Diablo 12P/Pons-Brooks and also other space phenomena for study. So it is likely that we will have new images in the next few days.

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NASA TV will broadcast its space missions for FREE at other events of scientific interest. You can watch the content from the NASA+ application and the social networks of YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. Since 2023, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration has enabled a streaming service called NASA+ that is available on iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV.

At the end of July 2023, the comet suffered an explosion, expelling a large amount of gas and dust and increasing its brightness about 100 times, jumping overnight from magnitude 17 to magnitude 12. Such explosions are random, unpredictable, and not entirely common. Although researchers have noted that Pons-Brooks in particular has shown such behavior before and several times per orbit. After the outburst, the comet calmed down again and its brightness remained stable until earlier this month when it flared up again, bringing back the horns.

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