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【Review】Steelseries Arctis Nova 7X Wireless Headphones Wide Sound Field + High Compatibility + Heavy Bass

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【Review】Steelseries Arctis Nova 7X Wireless Headphones Wide Sound Field + High Compatibility + Heavy Bass

Do you worry about choosing a suitable gaming headset? The SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7X Wireless is a wireless gaming headset designed for Xbox, but also connects to other devices, including PC and PlayStation 5. The People-friendly SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7X Wireless may be your choice.

After opening the package, in addition to the earphone body, an origami model, a black mesh storage bag, a USB-C charging cable, a 3.5mm plug cable, a USB-A cable, and a receiver are included.

▲A piece of origami

▲Steelseries Arctis Nova 7x Wireless headphones and accessories

Headphones are stylishly designed and well made

The Steelseries Arctis Nova 7X Wireless earphones are designed in a stylish way. The body uses a black matte matte texture, which is not easy to leave fingerprints and does not feel dirty. The earphones are printed with “L” and “R” on the headband to ensure that the user can clearly identify the wearing direction.

▲Steelseries Arctis Nova 7x Wireless matte texture

▲Steelseries Arctis Nova 7x Wireless is printed with “L” and “R”

Headphone USB-C interface supports fast charging and rich control buttons are convenient for players

ARCTIS NOVA 7X wireless has a lot of buttons on both sides of the earmuffs. There are volume and speaker dials and a mute button on the left; there are ChatMix dials, power buttons, and Bluetooth buttons on the right. Users may need to familiarize themselves with it.

Supports fast charging and good battery life

ARCTIS NOVA 7X wireless supports USB-C port fast charging, and it can be used for 6 hours after only 15 minutes of charging. And a full charge can listen to music for 38 hours, which is definitely enough for a game console for a full day.

▲The headset uses USB-C charging and supports fast charging

▲ There is a 3.5 mm headphone jack on the left

Comfortable to wear without clips, long-term wear without pressure

In order to wait for the player to wear it comfortably, Steelseries has taken great pains. ComfortMAX system for headphones with extended accessory options. The official match is a PVD-coated steel headband, which can be adjusted in three levels. The author wore ARCTIS NOVA 7X wireless for 3 hours and did not feel too much burden on the head.

▲ ComfortMAX system

There are joints on both sides of the headset to adjust the tightness. Steelseries did not use the mainstream segmented adjustment joints, but instead used damped telescopic arms to adjust the length. Many earphones on the market are adjusted step by step, and it takes a little time to adjust them to just fit the head. But Arctis Nova 7X Wireless can hover at any position, and players can find the most suitable head shape in one step.

▲Adjust the tightness of the earphones

Arctis Nova 7X Wireless’s sponge earmuffs are cushioned with a breathable fabric surface texture, which is very comfortable to wear. Due to the use of breathable fabric instead of leather, the earphones will not feel cramped and stuffy when worn for a long time, but the sound insulation may have to be sacrificed a little. Handcrafted control sounds are heard when the game has no sound effects.

Compatibility and high performance to connect different devices

Steelseries Arctis Nova 7X Wireless has a 2.4 GHz USB-C RF dongle, which is convenient for you to connect different devices. When you want to connect to Xbox, just select “Xbox” to connect successfully. To use the headset on PC, Android, Switch and Mac, you can choose “USB”, and you can use it by inserting the USB-C interface of the device.

▲USB-C Dongle

▲Connect to Xbox

▲Connect to Mac

SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7X Wireless has a 3.5 mm audio interface. When your headphones are out of power, you can also choose to connect the device with a 3.5mm audio cable and use it as a wired headset.

▲3.5 mm wired connection

Arctis Nova 7X Wireless has excellent bass tuning

For a gaming headset, extra tuning for the bass is a smart move. Rich bass helps present game sound effects, such as explosions and gunshots, are enhanced. And the bass boost of Arctis Nova 7X Wireless is just right, there will be no harsh feeling when playing gun games. In addition, the Nova Acoustic System high-fidelity drivers have 360° spatial audio, which can accurately restore the direction of in-game sounds. The most important thing is that as a wireless gaming headset, its delay is well controlled. During the game test, the author did not feel any out-of-sync sound and picture.

The author tried to play “HITMAN”. The game is played in an assassination mode. It is necessary to accurately hear the enemy’s footsteps, gunshots and different sound positions. The performance of Arctis Nova 7X Wireless can be described as good. True, the sound direction is quite obvious. Try “FIFA 23” again. The sound effect when entering the field is like being in the stadium. The sound of fans cheering and drumming benefits from its large sound field, as if surrounding the players. The funniest part is going into the post-match interview and actually hearing footsteps behind the camera.


▲FIFA 23

When listening to songs, the bass has weight, but the vocal performance is mediocre

The author uses Spotify to listen to Dear Jane’s new song “What Happened”, the low frequency is relatively heavy and has weight. In addition, in order to create a better sense of hearing in games, the factory sacrificed a little vocal track, so when listening to songs, you will feel that the singer’s voice is a bit “thin”, but the sound design of Arctis Nova 7X Wireless is still more suitable for games , can not have too high requirements in terms of human voice, the author thinks it is acceptable. However, if you are not satisfied with the factory default settings, you can also perform personalized adjustments through the Steelseries Sonar software.

▲Dear Jane “What Happened”

Steelseries Sonar can personalize the sound of headphones

There are many options that Steelseries Sonar can adjust. There are independent adjustment interfaces for games, chat and microphone reception. Sonar has preloaded a lot of sound effect settings that are independently tuned for different games. If you are not satisfied, you can also adjust your own exclusive sound effect settings.

▲Sonar mixing interface

▲ Sonar has preset sound settings for multiple games

▲ Sonar equalizer interface

▲Sonar has the function of eliminating noise

▲Sonar can adjust the spatial sound effect

Scalable Mic and AI noise reduction can clearly communicate with teammates

SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7X Wireless has a retractable Mic that allows you to communicate with friends while playing. Steelseries has Sonar ClearCast AI for noise reduction, ensuring your voice is picked up clearly even in moderately noisy environments.

▲Stretchable MIC

▲Adjust the ChatMix dial


The Steelseries Arctis Nova 7X Wireless is perfect for wireless gaming, connecting wirelessly to PCs, PlayStations, and Xboxes. The wireless connection delay is low, and the hearing and vision are kept in sync when the machine is turned on. There will be no situation where a gunshot is fired and the gunshot is heard half a second later. The headset also has a battery life of more than 38 hours, and is comfortable and breathable to wear, which is comfortable enough for playing games for a long time. It’s not the best Xbox gaming headset out there, but it’s a solid performer. The factory enhanced bass sound settings allow players to enjoy better game sound effects, such as hearing footsteps in the game more clearly. And Steelseries provides Sonar sound adjustment software, if the default adjustment is not satisfactory to you, you can call out your favorite sound through Sonar.

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