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[應用] Dream about hand-painted animation! |Procreate Dreams simple trial|Grid vocus

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[應用] Dream about hand-painted animation!  |Procreate Dreams simple trial|Grid vocus

Procreate Dreams: A New Era for Animation Creation!

Many creators have been using iPads to draw for their daily work, utilizing software like Procreate. When Adobe announced the end of the life cycle of the iPad version of Draw, many began searching for a suitable replacement. This led to the discovery of Procreate, a versatile drawing software with unique features.

Procreate has been primarily used for graphic drawing but has expanded to include special features, such as drawing on the surface of 3D models and creating small animations. Just in September of this year, Procreate unveiled a new generation APP specifically for animation production, which has generated a lot of excitement among users.

Named Procreate Dreams, this new animation-focused software is set to be officially launched on 11/22. Even though it has only been on the shelves for a few days, there are already numerous usage records and tutorials available online, making it easy for new users to get started.

Procreate Dreams is priced at NT$690 in the APP Store, which, for its reputation and features, is quite acceptable for many users. One of its standout features is the ability to save files in iCloud or locally, removing the need to export and upload projects for backup or transfer.

The interface of Procreate Dreams is simple, allowing users to choose from 5 different project sizes and set up the animation project. It also includes an onion paper function for hand-drawn animation, and provides users with the familiar drawing tools found in Procreate.

One of the most noteworthy features is the timeline management, allowing users to import photos and videos as materials and add various filters. The app also includes a key frame function for smooth animation transitions and an easy-to-use recording function for object manipulation.

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In addition, Procreate Dreams can accept drawing projects exported directly from Procreate, making it easy for users to collaborate with previous work. While there may be some bugs in the newly launched software, the overall operating experience has been positive.

In conclusion, Procreate Dreams is a welcome addition to the animation creation landscape, providing easy-to-use functions for complex animation production. Its single buyout and no subscription model make it an attractive choice for creative tools, and it is a great option for artists looking to explore dynamic creation. With its official launch just around the corner, Procreate Dreams is set to elevate animation creation to new heights.

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