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$0 å°‡ iPhone è®Šæˆ Vision Pro(大誤 😆)?!

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$0 å°‡ iPhone è®Šæˆ Vision Pro(大誤 😆)?!

Shane Levine Releases Vision iOS Prototype on Gumroad for Free

Shane Levine, a renowned product designer, has released a new Vision iOS prototype to give users a taste of the innovative UI experience. The Vision Pro allows users to peer into their surroundings and experience a unique sense of perception, similar to Apple’s EyeSight feature.

Levine has made the Vision iOS prototype available for free on Gumroad, a digital marketplace, allowing users to explore the cutting-edge interface without any cost. Interested users can visit the following link to download the Vision iOS Prototype: https://slev12397.gumroad.com/l/vision-ios.

In an effort to help users navigate the installation process, Levine has also provided step-by-step instructions for setting up the Vision iOS prototype on iPhones. The process involves downloading an app called “ProtoPie Player” from the App Store and then purchasing the Vision iOS prototype on Gumroad for $0. Once purchased, users will receive instructions and a link to access the prototype.

Upon installation, the Vision iOS Prototype provides a unique music UI experience, allowing users to explore different albums and navigate through the interface using intuitive gestures.

Levine’s release of the Vision iOS Prototype has garnered attention from tech enthusiasts and designers alike, as it offers a glimpse into the future of UI/UX design. The prototype provides an immersive and innovative experience, giving users a preview of what the future of iOS interfaces could look like.

For those interested in trying out the Vision iOS Prototype, it is available for free on Gumroad, offering a glimpse into the future of UI/UX design.

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