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$0 Turn iPhone into Vision Pro (big mistake­čść) ?!

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$0 Turn iPhone into Vision Pro (big mistake­čść) ?!

Product Designer Shane Levine Creates Vision iOS Interface Prototype for iPhone Users

Shane Levine, a product designer, has developed an innovative Vision iOS Interface prototype for iPhone users. The prototype, created to provide a unique interface experience, utilizes the EyeSight lens technology to blend the program window into the surrounding environment, giving it a new and exciting feel.

Levine has made the Vision iOS Interface prototype available for free to anyone interested in trying out the new interface. In order to obtain the prototype, individuals can visit the Gumroad website and enter $0 as the purchase amount, along with providing their email address. If users would like to show their appreciation, they are welcome to give Levine a small reward for his work.

To install the Vision iOS Interface prototype, users must follow a simple tutorial. Firstly, they need to go to the App Store and install an app called ÔÇťProtoPie Player,ÔÇŁ which is designed for mobile program developers to showcase interface ideas. Then, they can visit Gumroad to purchase the Vision iOS Prototype for $0, and click on the ProtoPie link in the first step of the tutorial to enter the Vision iOS page. The next steps include scanning a QR Code and opening the ProtoPie Player to experience the Vision iOS interface on their iPhone.

The Vision iOS interface features two pages, with the first one being the Home screen. Users can navigate through the new Music UI by clicking on the Music icon and experience the feeling of penetrating the interface by shaking their phone left and right. In addition, the interface allows for easy return to the Home screen by following a simple command on the Protopie Player menu.

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This new Vision iOS Interface prototype created by Shane Levine aims to provide an exciting and unique user experience for iPhone users and is a must-try for anyone looking to explore new interface designs.

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