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Google thwarted my attempt to cheat

I learn foreign languages ​​with the Duolingo app. The app’s conception oscillates between the fun that users should have and the learning effect. For the vast majority of exercises (dictation, translation of individual sentences) you can tap on specific places where the solution is displayed. All you have to do is tap or tap them. Then a drawn figure performs a dance of joy while a triumphant fanfare sounds.

However, the most difficult tasks require you to type without assistance. The learning effect is probably increased by the possible frustration and effort. So I’m shown a picture of a spine and have to enter the Romanian translation myself. I faintly remember that the word begins with an s. However, I won’t get very far with this. I decide to look up the translation on Google Translate.


Here I see “Înapoi,” which doesn’t start with an s, but I type the word into Duolingo. It turns out to be wrong. The reason for this must be that Google Translate does the translations using English. “Back” in English is “back”, which is ambiguous and can also mean “back”. Google showed me the translation of “back”. “Back” is “spade” in Romanian, which I just now remembered.


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