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25. November 2023

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25. November 2023

Making coffee with the metal plate

A few weeks ago I was visiting K. There was supposed to be dinner, but then the electric stove made a loud crack and I couldn’t be persuaded to continue working. Something like that happens, K. said, at some point the lifespan of such a device has expired and he simply hopes that he won’t have to replace all the pans and pots because of induction and so on because of a new stove (in Switzerland, household appliances such as stoves, dishwashers, etc Washing machine is the responsibility of the landlord).

K. has now received a new induction cooker and has already reported it enthusiastically. The heat can be regulated almost as well as on my gas stove. The part heats up very quickly and is cold again almost immediately and he also found a solution for the Bialetti.

Today I see the new stove for the first time. I can’t get to grips with the interface. Where do I have to touch something and how do I know which hob I am controlling? K. explains it to me patiently: As soon as a conductive object, ie a pan or a pot, is placed on one of the hobs, the corresponding control element lights up. On the white line – and not on the red-lit display! – I can now swipe my finger back and forth and adjust the heat.

Porcelain cups don’t trigger a reaction, neither do the Bialetti. K. bought a metal plate from the coffee shop to solve this problem. Also included is a magnetic handle (not pictured) that allows this plate to be moved back and forth.

Under the Bialetti coffee machine: The metal plate that translates between induction and aluminum. To the right of the stove: coffee grinder type 200.22 – No. 02 from the Jura brand from the 1970s.

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(Franziska Nyffenegger)

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