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25. September 2023

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First I have no savings account and then I have two

I borrowed money from someone and now I’m supposed to get it back. The person asks me if I would like this transferred to my savings account. I have to admit that I don’t have one.

A few days later I finally sit down and set one up. This is really easy with my online bank. I just have to fill out a self-declaration and then confirm it with SMS TAN because I stubbornly refuse to use the app for that (but that’s another story).

Then I have to renew my ID on file. I should scan the QR code with my cell phone. I do this and am guided through the process of “photographing the back and front of my ID card”.

Then I want to reload the page with the QR code in the hope that the savings account process will now continue. But the message “ID card expired” remains. The online banking tab has logged me out in the meantime. So I log in again in the next tab and am back to the self-disclosure. I fill it out again and confirm again with SMS TAN. This time at the end there is a success message that the savings account has been created.

In online banking I see that I now have two savings accounts. It was probably too easy.


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