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3 things to watch in streaming before watching the TV series based on Fallout

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3 things to watch in streaming before watching the TV series based on Fallout

There are the vaults, c’è la Brotherhood of Steelthere are the blue and yellow overalls, there is a world of the future that has survived a nuclear catastrophe: there are obviously the cornerstones of Falloutin the serial of the same name that Amazon Prime Video will broadcast streaming from April 12, 2024 practically all over the world.

Fallout (which in English describes precisely the radioactive rain which falls after an accident with atomic energy) is a historic series of video games, which began in 1997 but has become very famous since since 2008, with the first versions with three-dimensional graphics per PC, Xbox 360 e PlayStation 3.

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What Fallout is about

Developed by Bethesda (yes, the same as Starfield) in their current version, the video games of Fallout are RPGs set in the same narrative universe, about 200 years after the catastrophe that forced what remains of humanity (or at least the United States) to take refuge underground and live in structures called vaults, that is, shelters inside which there are schools, restaurants, shops, accommodation and so on. A life like before, but without the light of the Sun.

The serial, produced by Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan’s Kilter Films (brother of the more famous Chris), starts from these same assumptions: by spreading the first images, Amazon explained that the inhabitants of the fallout shelters “are forced to return to the infernal radioactive landscape that the ancestors left behind”, also if it’s still not clear how much of the episodes will take place underground and how many will instead be focused on the exploration of the external environment.

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Another doubt concerns how this external environment will be reproduced. With what tone, above all. From Amazon they spoke of “an incredibly complex, cheerfully bizarre and incredibly violent universe”, which is a phrase that actually describes well what the games in the series are. Fallout made so far, characterized by humor that is often over the top and gives some concessions to horror and splatter. It remains to be understood how many of these ingredients, not easy to manage, ended up in the serial, which is partly directed by Nolan himself (the first 3 episodes were his) and has Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Graham Wagner as authors and Bethesda’s own Todd Howard as executive producer.

Among the performers, worth mentioning Ella Purnell (already seen in the investigation Yellowjackets)Walton Goggins (was in the cast of The Hateful Eight and most importantly he played Boyd Crowder in Justified), the stainless Kyle MacLachlan di Twin Peaks and some old acquaintances from the most successful serials of the moment, such as Frances Turner (from The Boys) e Zach Cherry (among the protagonists of the beautiful Split).

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What to watch before watching Fallout

Waiting to understand what the serial based on will be like Fallout e di see the first trailerswhich should give more information on the atmosphere that will be felt in the various episodes, one way to get into the right state of mind is look for films and series with a similar setting. Below we highlight 3, which for various reasons seem suitable for this purpose.

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The series we would have thought of if we had had to make a series based on Fallout: the outside world is inhospitable and what remains of humanity has taken refuge inside vertically developed silos that they are reminiscent in every way of the vaults imagined by Bethesda. Here there is also a mystery, a series of murders to investigate and a possible plot to foil, as well as a Tim Robbins in great shape and very good Rebecca Ferguson. Silo will be released in 2023, see above Apple TV Plus and the rating on the Internet Movie Database is 8.1.

Mad Max
We are referring to first two films, those from the late seventies and early eightiesarrived in Italy with the title of Interceptor, filmed in New Zealand and starring a very young Mel Gibson. Self Silo And Fallout underground, Mad Max it is on the surface (and in tone): a world of the future where few people and few traces of civilization survive, where violence and the law of the strongest dominate and where death is truly around the corner. Today some scenes may make you smile, but 40 years ago their crudeness sparked quite a bit of controversy, even in our country. The first two Interceptor they can be rented more or less on all streaming platforms and on Imdb they have a rating of 6.8 and 7.6 respectively.

1997: Escape from New York
Released in 1981, the film starred Kurt Russell in the role of the ruthless Jena Plissken, called to save the president of the United States from the open-air prison into which Manhattan was transformed, it is still highly enjoyable today. As compared to Fallouthere we are talking about a dystopian rather than apocalyptic future, but the gloom and the atmosphere of insecurity, desperation and precariousness they are exactly what you feel in the popular video game series. 1997: Escape from New York It has a rating of 7.1 on Imdb and can be seen streaming on Paramount Plus.


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