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5 Video Game Adaptations We’re Looking Forward To – Gamereactor

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5 Video Game Adaptations We’re Looking Forward To – Gamereactor

Video game adaptations used to be something many people tried to avoid. We all remember the horror adaptations of Assassin’s Creed, Tomb Raider, and Prince of Persia that were more affected by boring than being too bad.

However, we seem to be turning a new leaf when it comes to live-action video game adaptations. The Last of Us is as good and faithful as ever, giving us hope that the upcoming adaptation won’t be mediocre at best, and we can actually look forward to some retellings of some of our favorite games. There are quite a few video game adaptations in the works right now, but we’ve narrowed down some standout hits that you should keep an eye on.

horizon tv show

We’ve known for a while that Netflix is ​​developing a series based on the Horizon universe. The working title is reportedly Horizon 2074, though we don’t have official confirmation yet. The show is still in development, and we’re not sure who will star in it, or if it will follow Aloy’s story or take a different approach.

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Even if we’ve given up on Aloy’s quest for lore on the Horizon TV show, that doesn’t mean it’s not something to look forward to. The worldbuilding that Guerrilla puts into its post-apocalyptic series has always been interesting, and left plenty of moments to explore as a TV series.

There could be an entire show about Earth before Gaia basically resets it, showing us a war with the machines. Or, to avoid Terminator comparisons, the Horizon show could show us a protagonist in another tribe, showing us a deeper culture than the game offers.

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5 video game adaptations we're looking forward to

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God of war series

Aside from The Last of Us, arguably the most talked about game franchise right now is Amazon’s God of War adaptation. God of War is hot as ever thanks to the overwhelmingly positive response to Ragnarok, so many are hoping Amazon’s series will do it justice.

While some mistakes may have been made by ditching Kratos’ Greek storyline in favor of Norse legends, we can’t help but hope that Amazon is looking to fix that. God of War games have been incredible cinematic experiences since 2018, so unless Amazon really wants to screw this up, they’re going to have a hard time doing it.

The casting for this adaptation was under a lot of pressure, but with Sonny Sullich and Christopher Judge doing such a good job as Atreus and Kratos respectively, who can blame fans Want something that lives up to these shows?

5 video game adaptations we're looking forward to

Amazon’s Fallout Show

While Horizon and God of War adaptations are likely years away, Amazon’s Fallout TV series is due out this year, and we’ve seen plenty of set photos to make it look like a pretty faithful adaptation .

From power armor to the super-duper market, we’ve seen a lot of what makes us hype for the Fallout TV show. Plus, there’s a cast that includes familiar faces like Walter Goggins, Ella Purnell, and Kyle MacLachlan.

Goggins will star in the Fallout series, where he will reportedly play a ghoul. It’s funny because we’ve never had a ghoul protagonist in a Fallout game, so seeing one in the show proves it will provide a fresh twist on beloved material. Let’s hope that even with these differences, it still feels like a Fallout product.

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5 video game adaptations we're looking forward to

super mario bros movie

Super Mario Bros. doesn’t have the strongest history when it comes to video game adaptations. The 1993 film set the standard for the stink of video game movies, and even with the 2023 movie on the horizon, Chris Pratt is doing his best with his lackluster Mario voice and what seems to be a lack of interest in the project. interest to destroy the hype.

However, if we take Pratt out of the equation, The Super Mario Bros. Movie looks like a promising movie. The bright, fluid animation from the lighting, Jack Black and Charlie Day is everything we could ask for in Bowser and Luigi, and the general sense of fun throughout the promo material we probably won’t redefine with this movie movie, but it looks like it’s going to be fun at least. Considering the success of the Sonic movies and Detective Pikachu, sometimes you just have to combine fun with good visuals.

5 video game adaptations we're looking forward to


The Borderlands movie was first announced in 2015, and while it’s been a long time since then, that doesn’t mean we’re ready for notoriety. The Borderlands universe isn’t based on a single, coherent story like The Last of Us, but there’s enough of a core narrative to make an interesting movie.

Cate Blanchett is also our lead, at least we’re likely to get a good performance out of this movie. Once, it was easy to dismiss Borderlands as the best 5/10 action game out there, but we now live in a different era where a video game adaptation might actually be good. So, while I may not think our last two entries will knock it out, I’m still looking forward to seeing what they achieve.

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