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6 new camera functions of the new Galaxy cell phone

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6 new camera functions of the new Galaxy cell phone

Samsung is revolutionizing the world of photography with its latest series of high-end smart mobile phones, the Samsung S24. These phones boast the best cameras yet from the South Korean company, featuring advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology that allows for cutting-edge photography action in an instant.

Powered by the ProVisual Engine from Samsung, the Samsung S24 offers a set of versatile camera tools and editing features that make capturing and editing photos effortless. Whether you’re capturing a spontaneous moment or a tender family gathering, the Samsung S24 ensures you can preserve fleeting moments with speed and precision.

The new software update, One UI 6.1, has made these cutting-edge features available on other Samsung models, including the S23 series, Galaxy Z Fold5, and Z Flip5, expanding the reach of Samsung’s ProVisual Engine to a wider audience.

The Samsung S24 boasts six ProVisual Engine functions that set it apart from the competition, including Motion Photo, Faster Speed Between Shots, Instant Slow-mo, Dual Recording, 10 types of ND filters, and Single Take.

Motion Photo allows users to capture dynamic details through a preview that captures a brief lapse of motion in action. Faster Speed Between Shots ensures sharp photos in quick succession, allowing users to capture every precise moment without delay.

Instant Slow-mo transforms videos into slow-motion footage with incredible detail, while Dual Recording allows for simultaneous recording with front and rear cameras, capturing both the moment and the user’s reaction.

The Samsung S24 also features 10 built-in ND filters for maximum user choice and control, as well as Single Take, which allows users to capture a variety of image types with just one touch.

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With its advanced AI technology and innovative camera features, the Samsung S24 is setting a new standard for high-end mobile phone photography.

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