Home Technology A 482-kilometer-high unknown structure was discovered on Titan. Scientists: Are there aliens on it? | Titan | North Pole | 482 km | Unknown structure | Scientists | Aliens

A 482-kilometer-high unknown structure was discovered on Titan. Scientists: Are there aliens on it? | Titan | North Pole | 482 km | Unknown structure | Scientists | Aliens

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A 482-kilometer-high unknown structure was discovered on Titan. Scientists: Are there aliens on it? | Titan | North Pole | 482 km | Unknown structure | Scientists | Aliens

[Voice of Hope December 23, 2022](Editor: Guo Xiao)The atmosphere can be said to be the reason why the earth can produce life. Because of the protection of the atmosphere, the earth is protected from frequent meteorite impacts, and the temperature of the earth can be kept in a relatively balanced state, and there will be no areas without sunlight The problem of the sudden drop in temperature is more important to protect the living things on the earth from all kinds of harmful rays and radiation in the universe. It is precisely because the atmosphere is very important to a planet, and it can even be said to be one of the necessary conditions for the birth of life on the planet. So in the solar system, Titan, another planet with a dense atmosphere besides the earth, is also the second largest satellite in the solar system, and it has been closely watched by scientists.

Composite photo of infrared images of Titan (public domain)

Once the Pioneer 11 and Voyager 1-2 probes, they were all assigned to learn about the situation near the moon of Titan. Why are scientists using so many resources to learn more about Titan? What mysterious power on this planet is attracting scientists, and more explorations must be carried out on it? There is a generally accepted saying in the academic circles that there may really be strange life on Titan. In order to prove that this hypothesis is true, from the 1960s to the present, batches of international top scientists have been replaced, and they have tirelessly sent many probes to try to shuttle into the planet’s thick atmosphere. , and lifted its mysterious veil.

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Until 2021, for the first time in history, humans successfully shuttled through the thick atmosphere of Titan, which is 1.5 billion kilometers away from the earth, and successfully landed. Although this is an extraterrestrial body, many of its scenes are similar to the earth. For example, a large area of ​​ocean was discovered on this planet. Although the composition of the ocean is different from that of the earth, scientists have discovered that Titan has extremely complex organic molecules. In addition, all kinds of information indicate that this satellite is full of liquid methane and hydrocarbons. Moreover, the surface temperature of Titan is maintained at around -179°C all year round. Such low temperature conditions are difficult for people on earth to survive. But scientists believe that such a harsh environment may be a paradise for strange life.

edge of titan lake
Schematic illustration of the edge of a lake on Titan (public domain)

Their forms of life are very different from our carbon-based organisms, and human beings cannot represent the only form of civilization in the universe. As early as 1655, physicist Huygens discovered that Titan is a mysterious planet. Why was this satellite not noticed by people before this? It is because Titan has been covered by a thick layer of atmosphere for a long time, it is like a planet wrapped in a large circle of cotton candy. And more than 98% of the gases in its atmosphere are nitrogen. So at that time, scientists thought that a star appeared not far from the earth. Does its surface contain resources that can be used by humans? This question has always attracted scientists to explore it.

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Around 1991, humans launched probes one after another. They all flew by Saturn at close range and took pictures of Titan. Since then, the academic community has slowly mastered various data about Titan, and found that the surface temperature and atmospheric composition of this natural satellite are very different from many other natural satellites in the solar system. This makes people suspect that there may be aliens on Titan whose life styles are very different from those on Earth. In 1997, the Huygens probe flew to Saturn. It was carried by the interstellar spacecraft and soon came around Saturn, and then entered the orbit of Saturn and became an artificial satellite revolving around Saturn. In July 2004, Huygens began collecting more data as it approached Titan.

Huygens (Image: David Monniaux/Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0)

It was not until December 24 that Huygens successfully broke away from the mother ship in Saturn orbit, and maintained a speed of 1,400 kilometers per hour close to the surface of Titan. When Huygens discovered the surface of Titan, it turned out to be a strange picture. There are many traces here that are similar to those left by human destruction, mechanical friction, and a large amount of water erosion. From the pictures taken by Huygens, it can be seen that the surface of Titan used to have interlaced rivers and undulating mountains. But it’s a pity that there are no trees and canyons here, so it looks deserted. But these traces can still prove that this planet had a beautiful scene full of vitality and rivers hundreds of millions of years ago. Because according to the data, the rain, wind and certain terrain structure processes on this natural satellite are very similar to those on the earth.

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Researchers discovered that in the latest photo of Titan, an unknown structure with a height of 482 kilometers appeared at the north pole. After zooming in on the picture, you can see that this huge structure is connected to the ground. Researchers said that this structure is likely to be related to alien civilizations. Some people even think that this may be recorded in the Sumerian civilization, and the “Anunaki”, who created the first generation of Sumerians, built it in the solar system. According to records, the reason why Anunaki created the first generation of Sumerians was to let the Sumerians help them discover the resources of the earth, so Anunaki saw that Titan has the same landform features as the earth, Excavations were carried out on Titan, and this huge structure of unknown purpose was left behind.

A 482-kilometer-high unidentified structure appeared in the North Pole of Titan
A 482-kilometer-high unknown structure appeared in the North Pole of Titan (network picture)

Of course, the above is just speculation. NASA has announced that it will launch a probe named “Dragonfly” to Titan in 2026 to search for possible alien life. It is hoped that “Dragonfly” will find something after it lands on Titan. Let us look forward to scientists finding more information on Titan. Whether it is solving its own puzzles or the mystery of whether life exists, the existence of Titan will bring more surprises!

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