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“a glitch in the Matrix”

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“a glitch in the Matrix”

A curious photograph taken with an iPhone has gone viral over the past weekend. The image, posted by writer and comedian Tessa Coates, shows a bride in a wedding dress in front of two mirrors. Reflected images of Tessa Coates appear in different postures, showing what appears to be three different realities.

The photo has sparked all kinds of theories on the internet. Some think it is an optical effect, others venture to claim that the iPhone has opened a portal to two alternative realities, and there are even those who claim that Tessa Coates has two demonic soul mates.

However, the explanation is much simpler. The truth is that the photograph has not been edited. Tessa Coates posted the photo on her Instagram account after trying on wedding dresses in a store. The comedian assured that the photograph “had not been edited, nor was it a Live Photo, nor was it a panoramic photo.”

In the photograph, Tessa Coates maintains three different positions. One with her arms down, another with one arm raised, and another intertwining her fingers on her belly.

A YouTuber named Faruk has shared the explanation on Threads. After examining the photo’s metadata, he has learned that this photo, taken with an iPhone 12, was taken with a different resolution setting. It is not a normal and ordinary photograph but a photo captured with a panoramic setting. The iPhone 12 camera takes photos at a native resolution of 4,516 by 3,874 pixels, but the photographed has a resolution of 3,028 by 3,948 pixels. What happened is that a panoramic photograph has been taken while Tessa Coates raised her arms to pose.

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The problem is that the iPhone 12 did not detect that it was a panoramic photograph because the image was not wide enough, so the operating system did not designate it as a panoramic photo.

So it turns out that it is not a failure in the Matrix, but rather a failure of the photographer.

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